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A Tradition 


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Always Changing . . . 







But Staying the Same. 

t. Mary's is in- 
deed a tradition 
always changing 
but remaining the same. 
Balloon chapel is a good 
example of how our 
school welcomes new 
traditions. At the same 
time, the pictures on this 
page portray some of the 
oldest traditions con- 
cerning the chapel. St. 
Mary's will undoubtedly 
adopt more new tradi- 
tions, but it's the old 
ones that make it the 
school it is today. 

TOP: Mr. Dillard chats with 
marshals Allison Sprock 
and Mandy Bass before 
chapel. ABOVE LEFT: For 
St. Mary's girls, Tuesday 
chapel is an important part 
of their week. ABOVE 
RIGHT: Mr. Windham gives 
some last-minute instruc- 
tions to a choir member. 
LEFT: Following tradition, 
the acolytes always begin 
the chapel services. 



scholar, and 
educator — Dr. 
Robert J. Miller, Dean of 
the College. An advocate 
of academic excellence, 
he has for eleven years ful- 
filled the duties of his posi- 
tion competently and en- 
thusiastically, and has 
unselfishly devoted his 
service to the St. Mary's 
community. It is in his 
honor that the 1 984 
Stagecoach is dedi- 


L * 




Following tradi- 
tion, the annual 
Honors Con- 
vocation was held in Pitt- 
man Auditorium on a 
sunny day in April, 1983. 
This special assembly is a 
time to recognize out- 
standing students for ac- 
ademic excellence and 
dedication. Each aca- 
demic department at St. 
Mary's may present an 
award to both a high 
school student and a col- 
lege student honoring 
their achievements in 
that discipline. Other 
awards, such as the 

Robert L. Connelly 
Award and the Mount 
Holyoke Award, are also 
presented. To highlight 
the conclusion of the 
1 9B3 assembly, the Na- 
tional Merit Scholarship 
finalists and Teacher of 
the Year, Dr. Steven Es- 
thimer, were announced. 

Dr. Mabel M. Morrison, Aca- 
demic Dean Emeritus, and 
□ r. Quinn congratulate Dr. 
Esthimer on his "Teacher of 
the Year" award, presented 
in Dr. Morrison's honor. 
RIGHT: The Faculty lines up 
to enter the Auditorium. 







BOTTOM LEFT: Dean Miller 
briefly looks through his pro- 
Jeannie Trueblood accepts 
tennis award. MIDDLE 

RIGHT: Lynn Jones accepts 
an award of excellence. BE- 
LOW: Ms. Sappenfield chats 
with President Rice. 






pringf est is a 
significant pant 
of the St. 
Mary's college tradition. 
It is a joyous and gala 
affair with an afternoon 
of song, dance, and 
pageantry. It has been 
described as "a kaleido- 
scope of pageantry and 
color. " 

The Spring Court was 
elected by the St. Mary's 
students. The presenta- 
tion and coronation took 
place on the front lawn of 
Pittman Auditorium. The 
court also performed a 
traditional and colorful 
Maypole dance there. 

Performances by 
the St. Mary's 
dance groups 
followed the court pre- 

The festivities ended 
with a reception on the 
Student Union lawn. The 
1 9B3 Springfest was a 
great success, a grand 
occasion, and a pleasant 
way to end the school 
year and celebrate the 
beauty of spring. 

TOP LEFT: Jo Carol Walters 
performs a dance from Don 
Quixote. TOP RIGHT: Presi- 
dent Rice crowns the 1983 
Spring Fest Queen, Suiter 
Whitehead. MIDDLE: The 
members of the 1 983 Spring 
Court. RIGHT: Gillie Callum 
presented a traditional Scot- 
tish dance. FAR RIGHT: Sui- 
ter and her escorts prepare 
to watch the maypole dance. 



: 4*a\ '" . -. ■ 


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TOP LEFT: A talented jazz 
dancer, Resa Crow performs 
a clogging solo during the fes- 
tival. TOP RIGHT: Ms. Sap- 
penfield end Mrs. Faye Fus- 
sell help in preparing the 
stage. LEFT: After the court 
presentation, the Caps- 
rettes perform e tap 
dance. MIDDLE: Missie 
Ritchie, Leslie Byrd, and 
DeAnna Williams enjoy 
watching the Spring Fast 



ach spring brings 
a special tradi- 
1 1 i o n to St. 
Mary's College, the 
Alumnae Day. Sharing 
memories and meeting 
friends from school days 
past, the alumnae enjoy 
seeing familiar campus 
spots and the changes 
brought by new mem- 
bers of the St. Mary's 
family. Presentation of 
the May Count starts the 
event and is followed by 
such festivities as cam- 
pus tours, a special cha- 

pel service, a luncheon, 
and a cocktail party. All 
alumnae are welcomed, 
for their participation 
makes Alumnae Day a 
grand success. 

BOTTOM: Rev. Dillard 
shares a laugh with a St. 
Mary's alumna. RIGHT: Class 
of '78 alumnae celebrate 
their 5th reunion. MIDDLE 
RIGHT: Alumnae register for 
the day's activities in the 
foyer of Smedes. BELOW: 
Miss Margaret Burgwyn, 
Alumnae Director, speaks at 



t. Mary's is rich 
in tradition, and 
one of its oldest 
^lubs, the marshals, per- 
sonifies this tradition. 
The marshals, a select 
group of six girls, repre- 
sent the best of St. 
Vlary's by upholding St. 
Vlary's true noble and 
Honorable character. 
They symbolize a con- 
tinuity in the school year 
as, at commencement, 
she newly-elected mar- 

shals lead the proces- 
sions. This incorporates 
the idea of not the ending 
of one school yean, but 
the beginning of another. 
TOP: The 1 9B3-84 Marshals 
are Kim Butler, Bonnie 
Woods, Allison Sprock, 
Brady Whitley, Sally James, 
and Mandy Bass Cchief). 
ABOVE: Traditionally, the 
Marshals sell cups during 
Spring Pest. RIGHT: The 
Marshals are ushers at Hon- 
ors Convocation. 



Graduation is a 
fond but tearful 
memory for 
each St. Mary's gradu- 
ate. In separate but tra- 
ditional ceremonies, 
each procession was led 
by the marshals through 
the lawns in front of 
Smedes. The graduates 
were addressed by Mrs. 

Judee von Seldeneck, a their caps high into the) 1 
St. Mary's alumna and air. 
trustee. In hen speech, 
she stressed the impor- 
tance of discipline, deter- 
mination, and hard work 
in having a successful fu- 
ture. With a few moving 
remarks. President Rice 
closed each ceremony by 
allowing the girls to toss 

TOP LEFT: Reverend Dillard 
delivers the Invocation. TOP 
RIGHT: Mandy Bass drops 
handkerchief to close cere* 
mony. ABOVE: Marshals 
lead in college graduates. 



II IS # 

I • F *■ 

TOP LEFT: Marshals fead 
Faculty to porch of Smedes. 
MIDDLE: Friends and family 
share their happiness. LEFT: 
Mrs. Judee von Seldeneck is 
guest speaker for graduates. 
TOP RIGHT: Mr. Casper Lilly 
closes doors of Smedes to 
officially end ceremony. 
ABOVE: College graduates 
celebrate their accomplish- 


Parents Weekend 
was described 
as ''an o I d - 
fashioned family reunion" 
this year. The weekend of 
September 30th was set 
aside for the parents to 
come visit the St. Mary's 
campus. Entertainment 
for the two days included 
a southern style picnic, 
family portraits, and a 
country morning break- 
fast. The weekend was 
enjoyable for the girls and 
their parents. 


BELOW: The original seven tune about "Midol." LEFT: 
revealed the new colors of Hannah Holt preppily partici- 
their outfits at the show, pated in the skit that the 
BOTTOM: In a special perfor- SGA performed. 
nuance, the Cold Cuts sang a 



A fun and enter- 
taining tradition 
is the annual tal- 
ent show, which was 
organized by the Cold 
Cuts this yean. Some 
girls exhibited their real 
talents, while others per- 
formed funny skits. For 
example, the WATS per- 
formed a humorous skit 
about the new DWI laws. 
The Cold Cuts revealed 
their new colors and 
sang several songs — 
some old and some new 
ones. Dverall, it seemed 
to be a real success. 



BIG AND j"*v 


The big sister/little 
sister carnival 
was the beginning 
of a new tradition and 
provided an enjoyable 
way for all the returning 
students to get ac- 
quainted with them new 
little sisters. For many of 
the girls, the carnival 
meant games at the col- 
orful and imaginative 
booths belonging to the 
different clubs on cam- 
pus. For others it meant 
having a few extra min- 
utes to share with old 

and new friends. School 
spirit and pride in our 
school was exhibited, and 
it encouraged interaction 
between the girls and the 
faculty. Overall, this Sep- 
tember afternoon was 

TOP LEFT: Claire Johnson 
tests her poise. TOP RIGHT: 
Sally James and Jane Walker 
attempt the Circle's relay. 
MIDDLE: "Scoop" had a cake 
walk to add to the fun. 
RIGHT: Annie Gray Sprunt 
and Allison Sprock watch the 
fun and games. 


TOP LEFT: Christiana Black 
throws her kiss. TOP RIGHT: 
Cold Cuts perform at Carni- 
val. MIDDLE LEFT: Jeannie 
Trueblood and Dr. Esthimer 
help out at sponge throw. 
BOTTOM LEFT: The swim 
team sponsors a water bal- 
loon toss. BOTTOM CENTER: 

Dean Jones tries her luck at 
the Spiders' Pinata. MIDDLE 
CENTER: These girls 
compete to see who has the 
most poise. BOTTOM 
RIGHT: Sandra Ray and Eliza- 
beth Wyman take part in the 
Marshals' game. 

SGA 83 




TOP LEFT: Jeannie True* Judy Douglas and Angel 

blood, wrth former SGA presi- Archer watch the volleyball 

dent, Millice Rogers. TOP games. ABOVE RIGHT: 

RIGHT: Jean-Louise Beard Tayloe MacKenzie, Llewellyn 

and Sallie Archie have a great Sherrod, and Heidi Turner 

time at Spring Fest. MID- pose for a quickie. RIGHT: 

OLE: Betsy TMiblock takes a Kathy Keel soaks up the rays, 
break to relax. ABOVE LEFT: 


ABOVE LEFT: "Hoy, 'Black- 
ball girls', you really shouldn't 
care; whoever said that the 
system was fair?" ABOVE 
RIGHT: Ms. Frances Bell en- 
joys being a housemother in 
Smedes. LEFT: A lot of girls 
take part in the afternoon 
aerobics classes. 




The St. Mary's College 
Forum presented this 
series of ants and lec- 
tures for the enrichment 
of the college communi- 
ty. All programs were 
held in Pittman Auditori- 
um on Monday mornings 
during the assembly 
hour, with the exception 
of The National Theatre 
of the Deaf, which was 
presented on Monday 
evening. Several of the 
guest speakers were 
available for classroom 
visits, informal discus- 
sions, and lunch with fac- 
ulty and students while 
on campus. 

ABOVE: Sandra Ray and 
Qray Fegan give Jim Valvano 
a big St. Mary's welcome. 

Jim Valvano 

October 10 

10 am Presentation 

A native of Queens. New York City. 
James T. (Jim) Valvano is a graduate 
of Rutgers University with a BA degree 
in English/Education. Head basketball 
coach at N.C. State University for only 
three years. Coach Valvano gained sud- 
den national recognition in 1983 when 
his team won the NCAA championship 
in a stunning upset victory, winning nine 
consecutive tournament games to 
achieve the feat. He is highly regarded 
in the sports world for his vigorous 
emphasis on good sportsmanship, his 
intelligent game strategy, and for his 
remarkable ability to motivate his 
players. His quick wit and colorful per- 
sonality have made him popular with 
the media. and he is in constant demand 
as a speaker for a variety of occasions. 

Colette Dowling 

November 7 

10 am "The. Cinderella Complex" 
2 pm Informal Discussion 
(Student Lounge) 

Colette Dowling is the author 
of the controversial best seller, The 
Cinderella Complex, in which she 
declares that women, because of their 
social conditioning, have a hidden fear 
of independence. She believes this 
results from a deep wish to be taken 
care of which she says is the "chief force 
holding down women toriay.'A graduate 
of Trinity College.inWashington.D.Cand 
a 1958 Guest Editor for Mademoiselle 
magazine. Ms. Dowling's numorous 
pieces on womenS issues have brought 
huge quantities of reader mail to the 
magazines that publish them: Harper's. 
TheXeu )ort Times Magazine, \e\\ York. 
and Redbook.She is the mother of three 
teenage children. 

1 Q / FORUM 

Paula Robison, Flute 
Kenneth Cooper, Harpsichord 

January 30 

10 am Concert 

Paula Robison has been acclaimed 
as the world's preeminent woman flut- 
ist Since becoming the first American 
hi win first prize ai the Geneva Interna- 
tional Competition, she has been heard 
in more than 100 performancesannually, 
as soloist with orchestra, as recital 
soloist, and as a chamber music per- 
former. "Her playing is colored by a joy 
and spontaneity that communicates to 
everyone around h a r. audience and 
fellow musicians!' - Washington i'usi 

Kenneth Cooper, as one of 
America's leading harpsichordists, is 
a rare musician in that he has both a 
Ph.D. in musicology (Columbia University) 
and an unusual flair for performance, 
both as a soloist and accompanist. His 
special gift for improvisation has led 
him to become a widely respected 
Baroque music specialist. His concert 
repertoire is adventurous, reaching out 
even to Joplin, Gershwin. and Bartok. 

Both Ms. Robison and Mr. Cooper 
record forVanguarJ Records. 

National Theatre Of The Deaf 

David Hays. Vrtistlc Director Presents 

"The Hero 

With A Thousand Faces" 

February 27 

7:30 pm Performance 

One of America's most original and 
highly [raised theatre companies/The. 
National Theal re of The Deaf, combines 
Ihe spoken word wilh sign language 
to create a new dual language theatre 
form. In this rich, expressive, and 
adaptable language, the audience re- 
ceives all the inflections and rhythm of 
spoken words and sees them embel- 
lished and enlivened loan extraordinary 
depth. In their fifteen years of perform- 
mg.the National Theatre of The Deal 
has toured America. Europe, and the 
Orient, madeTV specials for CBS and 
PBS.and won aTony award on Broadway. 

"A wonder to behold" 

-The Yen )nrkiT 

"They are a National Treasure" 

- Tin ' Cincinatti Enquirer 

"Humorous, delightful, flawlessly 
performed." - Washington Post 



Barbara Cordon 

March 19 

10 am Presentation 
2 pm Informal Discussion 
(Student Lounge) 

Barbara Gordon is best known for 
her work as a documentary film pro- 
ducer and writer. She has received 
three Emmy Awards for her work in 
television. Her best selling autobiography. 
I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can, which 
became a major motion picture starring 
Jill Clayburgh. tells a candid and moving 
story of her victory over an affliction 
she shared with millions of others - 
the unwilling addiction to prescribed 
sedative drugs. A graduate of Barnard 
College, she also recently published 
a new novel, Defects of the Heart. 

FORUM / 13 

▼ ▼ 


y 't 



4 Ik 



fc=g* e~f: 

TOP: The gym is brightly dec- 
orated for the occasion. 
ABOVE: Faculty and Staff 
members help to make the 





TOP LEFT: President Rice 
surpriaea Pat Hilliard with a 
bouquet of flow/era. TOP 
RIGHT: Sally Allan and Julie 
Walker enjoy helping out. 
LEFT: SGA President Jean- 

nie Trueblood put in some 
long hours to help. ABOVE: 
Anna King and Karen Grimes 
get some helpful advice from 
an old pro! 



ABOVE: Mary Margaret 
Tart and Mary Michael Kelly 
know whet being good f Hands 
is all about. RIGHT: Cynthia 
Gimash and Anne Hotchkias 
will never forget their senior 
year dance. FAR RIGHT: Fac- 
ulty members Ms. Sappen- 
field and Dr. Jones join the 


TOP LEFT: Roommates Neil 
Stack and Kim Butler have a 
blast at the dance — the com- 
pany really helps! TOP 
RIGHT: Gray Fagan and date 
enjoy etn evening at the Radis- 
son. LEFT: Sophomores Eliz- 

abeth Brown and Carter 
Manning look forward to fu- 
ture SGA dances like this 
one. ABOVE: Joann, Nancy, 
and Susan had fun at their 
sophomore year dance. 



TOP: Gray Fegan, Hannah 
Holt, and Angel Archer pose 
for a picture. ABOVE: 
Juniors Leslie Byrd and Alii* 
son Carter found out the 


Petersen give us two big 
smiles. BELOW: We caught 
Mimi Fisher, Anna Moree, 
and their dates on their way 
out the door. 


''An Appalachian 
Christmas" was pre- 
sented by the St. Mary's 
Performing Ants Depart- 
ment. The production fea- 
tured ritual dances, 
processionals, folk 
carols, authentic South- 
ern Appalachian folk in- 
struments, and tradi- 
tional drama in celebra- 
tion of the Winter Sol- 
stice. Mr. Emmett Wind- 


TOP: The Appalachian 
Stringband supplies the mu- 
sic for the entire show. 
RIGHT: Catherine Davidson 
sings "Christ is Born in Beth- 
ehem." ABOVE: Mr. Wind- 
ham directs his sheep, 
goats and cows in the 
Shepherd's Play. 

Annis Gill sings "Go Tall it 
the Mountain". 


Scrooge and Tiny Tim pay e 
special visit: to the St. Mary's 


The "Lighting O' the 
Green" is a funfilled 
celebration bringing in 
the holiday season. Ms. 
Nancy Lyons, Mistress 
of Ceremonies, hosted 
this year's celebration. 
St. Mary's students, fac- 
ulty, staff, and friends 
from surrounding neigh- 
borhoods came to make 

this a most gala affair. A 
visit by Santa Clause 
highlighted the evening 
along with visits by 
Scrooge and Tiny Tim. 
Everyone joined in to sing 
Christmas carols, with 
live entertainment from 
the Enloe High School 
Brass Ensemble. 


TOP: Mr. Windham conducts 
the singing of Christmas 
carols. MIDDLE LEFT: The 
Enloe High School Brass En* 
semble provided live enter- 
tainment. ABOVE: Carter, 
Julie, Kimbrough, and Rebec- 
ca help serve refreshments. 
LEFT: The steps of Smedes 
were crowded with carolers. 



TOP: Santa Claus reads 
"Twaa the Night Before 
Christmas" to the audience. 
RIGHT: the Cold Cuts per- 

form a Christmas skit. 
ABOVE: Girls from all 
classes come prepared in 
their pajamas for the fun. 


Rice took part in the festivi- 
ties. BOTTOM: A small 
group of girls gather to show 
their big smiles. 


TOP LEFT: Mrs. Glenda 
Jacobs enjoys her responsi- 
bilities as secretary in the 
Guidance Office. TOP RIGHT: 
President Rice takes a break 
in Smedes Parlor. ABOVE: 


In honor of the yearbook dedi 
cation, Dean Miller appro 
priately represents the Ad 




"I am yours; you are mine, " 
Presidenc Rice can be quoted 
saying during a special Phi 
Theta Kappa chapel service. 
This says a lot about his dedi- 
cation to St. Mary's and the 
closeness he tries to main- 
tain with "his other family." 
Aside from his everyday 
duties as president, Mr. Rice 
can often be seen dining with 
his family in the cafeteria or 
attending a chapel service. 

Indeed, he plays an activt 
role in the St. Mary's corn 
munity and that gives every; 
one an opportunity to get t( 
know him as a leader and 
person. He has proven hfr 
leadership abilities time an( r 
again, and we all respect thr 
understanding, considerat 
man we have come to knovi 
St. Mary's can only be 3]| 
good as its people — Pres 
dent Rice has made it specia 









LEFT: Mrs. Susie Heath, Dean 
Miller's secretary, works 
closely with President Rice's 
secretary, Mrs. Maxine 




Mrs. Maxine Chauvaux 
Secretary to the President 

Mrs. Faye Fussell 
Administrative Assistant to the President 


The responsibility for 
the administration of St. 
Mary's educational pro- 
gram and personnel lies 
with Dean Robert J. Mil- 
ler. As a member of the 
faculty and in addition to 
other duties, he teaches 
business law and statis- 
tics, serves as an ex offi- 
cio member of all college 
committees, and pre- 
sides over the business 
sessions of faculty meet- 

ABOVE: Dean Miller in his 
formal academic regalia. TOP 
RIGHT: Dean Miller often 
uses his office library. 

Mrs. Susie Heath 
Secretary to the Dean of the College 

Mrs. Juliet Martin 
Faculty Secretary 


Mrs. Adair Crute 

Dean Jones . . . Pa- 
tience . . . outstanding 
qualities . . . Aside from 
the everyday responsibili- 
ties Dean Jones faces, 
she also has the respon- 

sibility of being the stu- 
dent body's official 
mother away from home. 
This job happens to take 
a lot of patience. 

ABOVE: Dean Jones as a di- 
rector in the play the high 
school English students per- 
formed for the English De- 
partmental Saturday. 



Mrs. Evelyn Annas 
Secretary to Director 



Mrs. Barbara Bunch 
Director of Guidance 




/'•v : 

Mrs. Pat Hilliard 
Secretary, Director of Development 

Mrs. Molly Nance, Alumnae 
Secretary, sorts through 
some cards of alumnae 
names and addresses. 

Miss Margaret Burgwyn 
Alumnae Director 


Mrs. Sandy Briscar 

Director of College 


Mr. B. W. Conrad 
Business Manager 

Mrs. Marjorie Maddrey 

Mrs. Gloria Andromidas 



Mrs. Thelma Stone 
Night Nurse 

Mrs. Gladys Jones 

■ i. 

Mrs. Betsy Wicker 



Mrs. Alice Hunter 
Assistant Manager 


Left: to right;: Sherry Moody, Blackman, Joan Williams, ing in the cafeteria is a way of changed very much in recen 
Charles Pollard, Deborah and Tim Smith. Above: Eat- life at St. Mary's that hasn't years. 


Rich Taylor and Ronnie Wal- 
ker take a break in their busy 
schedules for a picture. Top, 
Seated: Sue Meeka, Teresa 
Lucas, Carol Booth, Cather- 
ine Roberts. Standing: Net- 
tie Scott, Magalene Hinton, 
Roscoe Pehiford, Thong- 
souk-Phannaly, Ronny Wal- 
ker, Hiram Fuller, Jay Fuller, 
Housekeeping Supervisor, 
and Chatty Harris. ABOVE: 
Chatty Harris vacuums a 
ounge in Cruikshank Dorm. 



Mrs. Pia Price 

Director of Housing 

and Student Development 

ABOVE: Mrs. Price sup- 
ported the faculty by partici- 
pating in the Student/Faculty 
voBleybail game. RIGHT: One 
can often find Mrs. Price be- 
hind her desk trying to work 
out yet another roommate 




^_ i* MW 



/ -, 




Ms. Helen Godwin 

Mrs. Margaret Selph 

Freshman housemother, 
Miss Jane Sheffield, talks 
with Julie Woods and Lynns 

Mrs. Jacqueline Johnson 



Mrs. Many Price 
Assistant in the Library 


lill lb 

i i 


Mrs. Young-He Richard 
Senior Cataloger 

Mrs. Christine Thomsor 
Reference Librarian/ 
Assistant Cataloger 


TOP LEFT: Dp. Esthimer 
showa ua his talents outside 
of the classroom. TOP 
RIGHT: Or. RoBlins spends 

hoBf of his tonne on his office 



#«, 0. 




Dr. Marcia Jones 

TOP: Mr. Kraemer, Op. Mur- 
ray, and Oean Jones begin 
their English Departmental 
early Saturday morning. 
BIGHT: After a job well done, 
everyone clears the steps of 


Ms. Anna J. Wooten-Hawkins 

Dr. Thomas M. Bauso 

nr^k • v> 

V S 



Mr. John U. Tate 



The English Department at 
St. Mary's, comprised of nine 
faculty members and numer- 
ous courses, offers many spe- 
cial programs and activities. In 
addition to the basic English 
courses, the department 
offers a special section of En- 
glish Composition for foreign 
students and a class on the 
study of films. 

Extra activities include lec- 
tures by outside speakers, 
Muse Week, and Thursday 
night movies. For a number of 
yeans, Mr. Tate has also been 
taking students on special trips 
— to Washington, D.C., New 
York, and England. 

Dr. Charlotte Jones 

Mr. Alfred R. Kreemer 

■»■ W ~ 

Dr. C. Douglas Murray 
TOP: A familiar place one can 
find Dr. Jones is at her lec- 
turn conducting a class dis- 
cussion. ABOVE: Mr. 
Kraemer tries his luck at a 
water balloon toss. 

Dr. James B. Rollins 


Mr. Fish prepares his lesson 
plan for the upcoming month. 

Miss Ellen A. Birch 



Miss Jenny G. [Sissy) Taylor 

Mr. <J. Arthur McRae 


Mrs. Dana 

Math Department 
Chairman Miss Ellen 
Birch, who has taught at 
St. Mary's since 1971, 
believes that "mathemat- 
ics is the universal lan- 
guage that finds uses in a 
wide range of disciplines, 
including everyday life." 

This statement is 
proven by the wide range 
of courses offered by the 
department, including 
Calculus, Accounting, 
and most recently, high 

H. Jenkins 

school computer 
classes. CA computer lab 
with 16 micro- 
computers was set up in 
Ragland for instructional 
use beginning with the 
19B3-B4 academic 
year.] The department 
hopes to include a college 
computer class in the 
course offerings next 

LEFT: Miss Taylor dresses 
up for Halloween. 



TOP LEFT: Dr. Coffey par- 
ticipates in the "Fun Run". 
TOP RIGHT: Mrs. Greiner ex- 

plains the scientific wonders I scopes are necessary for 
of the world. ABOVE: Micro- many experiments. 


Mrs. Alice Z. Greiner 

Mrs. Georgette J. Campbell 

Dr. Todd E. Woerner 

Dr. Janice C. Coffey 

The Science Depart- 
ment, under the direc- 
tion of Dr. Janice Coffey, 
offers a variety of 
courses and seeks to en- 
courage scientific 
thought among the stu- 
dents. Faculty members 
instruct classes and 
labs. In addition to Dr. 
Coffey, Mrs. Georgette 

Campbell, and Mrs. Alice 
Z. Greiner, the depart- 
ment this year welcomes 
Dr. Todd Woerner, who 
teaches Chemistry. 

ABOVE: Dr. Woerner gives 
us a big grin. LEFT: Resa 
Crow finds that conducting 
scientific experiments can be 



TOP: President Pice rejected I participeted 
again?? ABOVE: Dr. Hume I business. 

Dr. Elgiva D. Watson 



"Continuing to prepare 
high school students for 
college and college stu- 
dents for senior universi- 
ties" was the Social Stu- 
dies Department's main 
goal this year as express- 
ed by Dr. Elgiva Watson, 
the department's chair- 
man. Dr. John C. Hume's 
Economics classes pre- 
pared themselves for the 
business world of today 
by learning to operate 
computers. To broaden 
students' horizons, the 

Social Studies and En- 
glish Departments con- 
tinued to purchase and 
present video tapes and 
films for use on the video 
equipment purchased 
last Fall. The Social Stud- 
ies Department also 
welcomed a new faculty 
ember, Dr. Sharon 
Thomas, who teaches 

LEFT: Mrs. Scoggin explains 
the origin of man. BOTTOM: 
Dr. Watson plays an active 
role in St. Mary's campus life. 

Mrs. Martha 5. Stoops 

Dr. Karen L. Kalmar 

Mrs. Hannah Scoggin 



Dr. Doreen Saxe 

Foreign Language Clu 
ABOVE, Front Row: Kat 
Candler, Stephanie Shai 
non, Layna Poole, Nanc 
Roycroft, Caro Ealy, Clair | 
Johnson, Laurie Reilo' 
Sarah Campbell; Secor 
Row: Annabelle Brandeau 
Tracy Young, Lori Durde 
Terry Shubert, Suss 
Avent, Elizabeth Brow 
Robin Ballard, Bar be 
Smith, Elizabeth Zervo 
Harriet Little 

Dr. M. Doloree Lado 


Mrs. Renate Thompson 

Mrs. Karen J. Hillman 

Mrs. Candis B. Coxa 

The foreign language 
epartment at St. 
lary's offers four lan- 
Uages: French, Span- 
h, Latin, and German. In 
ddition to the course 
fferings, this depart- 
ment sponsors some ex- 
I'a-curricular activities. 
"ie Cineclub shows a 
[ ovie in a foreign lan- 
jjage every month. The 
Ipreign Language Club 
iso meets monthly and 
nonsors panties and 

meetings for students 
whose primary language 
is not English. After 
Spring Break Foreign 
Language Week is held. 
Guest speakers are in- 
vited, foreign foods are 
prepared, and other ac- 
tivities are held. 

Some special ways in 
which students can learn 
more in the classroom 
about the language they 
study are with special in- 
structional tapes and 

video tapes in French and 
Spanish, which are a new 
addition to the depart- 

ABOVE: iQue hora as? asks 
Mrs. Hillman. 




Dr. Wylia S. Quinn 

Mr. James T. Faucette 

□r. Steven W. Esthimsr 

The Religion and Phi- 
losophy Department is 
under the direction of Dr. 
Wylie S. Quinn, who has 
taught religion and phi- 
losophy at St. Mary's 
since 1 3~73. In addition 
to his duties at St. 
Mary's, Dr. Quinn is the 
at The Chapel of the 

Cross in Chapel Hill. 

The department offers 
many interesting 
courses taught by Dr. 
Quinn, Dr. Steven 
E s t h i m e r , and Mr. 
James Faucette. As a re- 
sult of St. Mary's Epis- 
copal Church, religion 
courses are required of 
all students. 

ABOVE: Or. Esthimer wa 
really a daring target for th I 
SGA's "sponge throw"! 





□ r. Margaret C. Williams 

Mrs. Betty E. Adams 

Mrs. Ellen F. Anderson 

Besides the "art" 
■ound the St. Mary's 
impus, one also finds a 
:hly fulfilling art depart- 
ent. Three very 
i lented and knowledge- 
file instructors, Dr. Wil- 
ms, Mrs. Adams, and 
rs. Anderson, try to 
:lp St. Mary's students 
svelop their artis- 

tic abilities. Besides 
Basic Design courses, 
classes in ceramics, Art 
Histroy, printmaking, 
painting, and detailed 
drawing are also offered. 
With encouragement 
and support, many SMD 
girls discover their own 
artistic abilities. 

ABOVE: Mrs. Adams takes 
time out to help some "spe- 
cial" St. Mary's students. 



Miss Tarry E. Thompson 



The Raleigh Times 

states that "The Boy- 
friend" was "a crowd 
pleaser." That play 
wasn't the only entertain- 
ment for which the Per- 
forming Arts Depart- 
ment was responsiPle. 
Other department pro- 
ductions included "Slow 
Dusk", "The Telephone", 
and "An Appalachian 

Course offerings in the 
Performing Arts Depart- 
ment include private in- 
struction in voice and 
piano Cand other instru- 
ments), and drama, mu- 
sic, and speech classes. 

TOP: Mrs. Stallinga explains 
"Pantomime" to her Drama 
students. ABOVE: Mrs. 
McCoy gives a private piano 
lesson to Hyung-Sook Kim. 

Mrs. Beth P. McCoy 



TOP: Miss Alexander spends 

a lot of tonne arranging her 
basketball game schedule. 


: - 

Miss Mary Lido Alexander 

Mrs. Susan D. Brown 


wet . _ 

ABOVE: Mrs. Brown helps 
Becky Rogers with her ballet. 
LEFT: Miss Alexander helps 
her girls by serving to them. 

The physical education 
activities at St. Mary's 
are widely varied for a 
school of its size. Course 
opportunities include in- 
struction in dance, ten- 
nis, golf, swimming, sail- 

ing, bowling, and other 
sports. Students enjoy 
choosing activities in 
which they are in- 
terested. The depart- 
ment's faculty members 
include Miss Many Lou 
Jones (chairman), Mrs. 
Susan Brown, Miss 
Many Lida Alexander, and 
Miss Van Eure. 


TOP LEFT: Elizabeth Curtis 
shows off her new "Tarzan". 
TOP RIGHT: Neil I Stack and 
Allison Sprock help make the 
"Fun Run" a big success! 
ABOVE: "Margy Thompson, 
was the trip to Hollywood a 
lot of fun?" RIGHT: Jacquie 
Morris lets the cat out of the 
bag about her new beau. 

u l£g 


We found you here when we came, and from that 
first day you were not alone. We carried a candle 
for you and then you were able to see. . . dimly at 
first and finally with a clear eye. We took your arm 
and guided you. . . you followed timidly: afraid to 
regret, yet afraid not to try. At last you lost 
yourself in the traditions and standards of St. 
Mary's and we looked behind to find you no more. 
It was then we knew/ we would no longer lead you 
with our light, but now we will give you our candle 
— it is yours for we must go our way. . . no longer 
to challenge but to be challenged, no longer to 
guide, but to find our way alone. No longer to 
dream but to live a reality. It is true that we must 
leave you, but not until we have touched your 
heart and then you will not forget us. 
LEFT: Jacquie Morris and Tomoko Asami model their 
Japanese fashions. BELOW: Jackson Jordan and Lea Mil- 
stead enjoy a cool drink after a long, hard week of work. 



Allyson Beth Abbott 

Roxboro, N. C 

Fariba Akbar 

Tehran, Iran 

Sarah Orn Allen 
Smyrna, S- C. 

Elizabeth Jane Archer 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Tomoko Asam 

Takasaki, Japar 

Elizabeth Leonard Austin 
Richmond, Va 

Mary Slade Barton 

Wythevrlle. Va. 

Manda Lea Bass 

Hal.fax. Va. 


ig a hall counselor keeps senior Karen Grimes very busy 

W i 

Lucy Ratledge Blackwelder 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Lee Anne Boseman 
Rocky Mount. N. C 

Margaret Broadfoot 

Fayetteville, N C. 

Elizabeth Kittnell Brothers 
Suffolk, Va. 


Angela Wynne Buchanan 

Msnon, N C. 

Kimberly Ann Butler 
Wilmington, N. C, 

Mary Lynn Clary 

Roanoke Rapids, N. C 

Rhetta Jeanette Cooke 

Smithfield. N. C 

TOP: Allyson Abbott and 
Lauren Bolvig siowly-but- 
surely attempt the "Fun 

Run". ABOVE: Mandy Bass 
and a friend read a book for 
their English class. 


Anne Margaret Cox 

Sanford, N. C. 

Elizabeth Dent Curtis 

Achens, Ga, 

Catherine Carson 

Greensboro. N. C. 

Jessica Clara Delbridge 

Murfreesboro, Tenn. 

Judy Lynn Douglas 

Aurora, N C 

Deidre Marie Edwards 

Lynchburg, Va 

'"or Elizabeth Curtis really enjoys the celebration at a club walk. 


Fafer Akbar takes advantage of the library facilities to do a 
research paper. 

Deborah Ann Elder 
Charlotte, N C. 

Karen Rogers Evans 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Dorothy Gray Fagan 
Richmond, Va. 

Martha Anne Feichter 

Waynesville. N C. 

Anne McLellan Ferguson 
Cold Spring Harbor. N Y. 

Frances Ruth Fuller 

Hickory, N C. 

Anne Traywick Gaddy 
Raleigh. N C 

Lara Thurman Gibbs 

Mineral Springs, N. C. 


Cynthia Gimesh 

Fayetteville. N. C. 

Rachael Jane Goodman 

High Point. N. C. 

Martha Deems Gourley 

Charlotte. N. C. 

Susan Ellen Grady 
Wilson, N. C. 

Erin Mishoe Griffin 

Monroe, N. C. 

Nancy Adele Harris 

Marion, N. C. 

I LEFT: Ruth Taft catches up 
on some notes she needs for 
studying. ABOVE: Elizabeth 
Brothers visits with a friend 
in Smedes. 


Sally Demarest James 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Linda Suzanne Johnson 

Chattanooga. Tenn. 

Jackson Mane Jordan 

Rocky Mount. N. C. 

Nagiat Salem Karwat 

Raleigh. N. C. 

TOP: After the picnic, There- 
sa Lowe and Tay Yeargin go 
to join the fun and games at 

the carnival. ABOVE: Maria 
Howard tries to catch Lea 
Milstead in the act. 


Senior Catherine Davidson sports her talent: at a student 

faculty volleyball game. 

Nancy Harnell Keedwell 
Emporia, Va. 

Mary Michael Kelly 

Berkshire, England 

Anna Gordon King 

Norwalk, Conn. 

Rebecca Rainey 
Emporia, Va. 

Anne Shipman Kuntz 

Dayton. Ohio 

Susan Leigh LaTorre 

Hickory, N. C. 

Many Douglas Leonard 
Columbia, S. C. 

Julia Anne Lindley 

Columbia. S. C. 


Theresa Martin Lowe 
Raleigh, N. C 

Victoria Jean Lynch 

Kinston, N C 

Louise Copeland Marlowe 

High Point. N C 

Lucia LeGrand McCallurn 
Columbia, S. C 

Ruth Brewer McCanty 

Myrtle Beach, S C 

Mary Shafto McDaniel 

Midlothian, Va 

Elizabeth Landon 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Mary Carlisle McLeod 
Waltenboro, S. C 

Karen Ann Melton 

Hickory, N C 

Martha Lea Milstead 

Winston-Salem, N. C 

A group of seniors enjoy e picnic dinner before the cerniva, 
games begin. 


Anna Leigh Moree 

Gastonia, N. C. 

Anne Hamilton Morgan 
Spartanburg. S. C. 

Jacqueline Leigh Morris 
Fayetceville. N C 

Mary Elizabeth Morris 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Judith Newman 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Carrie Elizabeth Niblock 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 


Jennifer Lynn Radcliffe 

Bethania. N. C. 

Elizabeth Olive Rankin 

Raleigh. N. C 

Sandra Alice Ray 

Warsaw. N. C. 

Camille Ingram Redding 

Asheboro, N. C. 

Laura Louise Reiley 

Lenoir, N. C. 


ABOVE: Jane Goodman and 
Amy Dawson join in the fun of 
a party on their hall. TOP: 

Betsy Willis and other girls 
from 3rd Holt enjoy Mary 
Leonard's birthday party. 

Margaret Elizabeth Shernll 
Stetesville, N. C. 

Elizabeth Howell Simpson 

Durham, N. C 

Elizabeth Allison Sprock 

Greensboro. N. C. 

Jennifer Elaine Sprott 

Lexington, Va. 


Anne Ferguson, Anne Cox, and Betsy Niblock celebrate afti 
a late night of studying. 

Elizabeth McNeill Stack 
Fayetteville, N. C 

Suzanne Elizabeth Staton 
Hillsborough, N C 

Katherine Mason Sutton 
Goldsbono. N. C 

Melissa Ruth Taft 
Greenville, N, C. 

Many Margaret Tart 

Dunn, N. C 

Laurie Overton Thomson 

Goldsboro, N. C 

Margaret Reid Thompson 
Chapel Hill, N C 

Christine Dunn Trask 
Chepel Hill, N, C 


Jean Marsh Trueblood 

Washington, N. C. 

Heidi McCoy Turner 
Weldon. N, c. 

Martha Sarah Vinson 

Greenville. S. C. 

Jane Burke Walker 
Columbia, N. C. 

Julia Rebekah Walker 

Hickory, N. C. 

Sarah Boyd Wannamaker 

Camden, S. C. 

Debbie Elder makes plans far a long-awaited weekend. 

Elizabeth Ann Ward 

Washington, N. C. 

Amy Driskill Warren 

Richmond, Va. 


Louise Boquist Washburn 

Garner, N. C. 

Michelle Coninne 

Atlanta. Ga. 

Kathenne Stewart White 

Greenville, N. C. 

Virginia Adams White 

Greenville. N. C 

TOP: Gray Fagan enthusias- 
tically comes to participate in 
the "Fun Run". ABOVE: Hail 

Counselor Hannah Holt tad 
a lunch break with junior V 
ginia Yarborough. 


Senior Julia Walker, repre- 
senting Smedes, listens to "Fun Run" course directions. 

Karen Andrea Whitehead 
Raleigh. N. C. 

Brady Hednck Whitley 
Raleigh. N C. 

Elizabeth Jane Willis 

Charlotte. N C 

Bonnie Bouche Woods 

Charlotte. N C 

Mei-Juin Wu 
Raleigh. N. C 

Elizabeth Tadlock Wyman 
Raleigh. N. C 

Martha Taylor Yeargin 

Dunn. N C 

Martha Elizabeth Yenkes 
Jacksonville. Fla. 




^ S*2 

BOTTOM LEFT: Stephanie 
Shannon really enjoys being a 
junior at St. Mary's. BOT- 
TOM RIGHT: Tina Etheridge 
finds time in her busy sched- 
ule for a part-time job in the 
bookstore. MIDDLE LEFT: 
Junior Annis Gill clowns 
around with sophomore Jill 
Gadsden. RIGHT: Betsy 
Smith diligently writes copy 
for the yearbook. FAR 
RIGHT: Dabney Mann and 
Susan Thomas enjoy living as 
juniors in Cruikshank dorm. 

es / juniors 


Many new faces are a The spirit of coopena- 

part of this year's junior tion is high among junior 

class, whose main class members, who 

project is the Junior Se- comprise "one big happy 

nior dance. Fundnaising family". 

efforts for the dance in- TOP: Junior Katie Candler 

elude a donut sale and 9 ots ready to go to class 


raffles for a television 
and an Angus Barn 

LEFT: Julie Brady signs in af- 
ter a long shopping spree. 


Martha Abercrombie 

Meg Adams 

Mercedes Amaya 

Ann Douglas Ayscue 

Anne Bailey 
Joan Bailey 

Leah Banker 
Lynn Barton 

Laura Beam 
Jean-Louise Beard 

Manda Belli 
Key-Key Bitter 

TOP: Anne Bailey prepares 
to teach a tennis lesson. 
ABOVE: Caro Ealy is caught 
off guard. 


Miriam Brown 
Loudera Bruce 
Robin Bryant 
Marianne Bulland 


BELOW: Margaret Ellington 
tests her balance on the 
swing in Darryl's. BOTTOM: 
Augusta Rembert and Julie 
Gray celebrate at Darryl's 
with other hall members. 

Ashley Burke 
Ginny Bunt 

Beth Bynum 
Ann Campbell 

Katie Candler 
Missy Carte 

Ailison Carter 
Susan Canter 

Suzanne Champion 

Elizabeth Clay 

Lisa Clayton 

Loni Clayton 


Leigh Ann Corter 
Susan Cresswell 
Kim Crittenden 
Gray Cunningham 

Ashley Davis 
Kathryn Davis 
Suzanne Dawson 
Anne DeRosset 

ide Edmunds, Missy Ritchie, and Erlene Coleman take advantage of the sunny weath 


Caro Ealy 

Pride Edmunds 

Margaret Ellington 

Sana Ellis 

Lisa Embrey 

Isabel Enwin 

Tina Etheridge 

Mimi Fisher 

I 1 \\ 


Jill Hooper and Elizabeth Zervos make 1st floor Cruikshank a lot of in. 


Junior Meg Adams listens to instruc- 
tions for the "Fun Run". 

Elizabeth Fountain 
Constance Frost 

Sallie Bett Garey 
Annis Gill 

Anne Goode 
Martha Goodwin 
Molly Graham 
Julie Gray 

Selden Gray 
Dorothy Guggenheimen 
Susan Gunn 
Margaret Gulley 

Jean Hagan 
Cathy Hancock 
Beth Harper 
Susan Haynes 


Ross Jones celebrates her birthday with close friends 

Q : 

2 i 

Clayton Henkel 

Francey Hlllman 

Barbara-Anne Holdford 

Jill Hooper 

Lonj Wing 

Clame Johnson 

Barbara Johnston 

Maggi Jones 

Ross Jones 

Naoko Kadowaki 

Kathy Keel 

Vicki Kessner 


Crystal Killen 
Hyung-Sook Kim 
Karal Kirkman 
Sydney Lassiten 

Cathy Lee 
Lisa Leggett 
Camilla Lindsey 
Harriet Little 

Ihior Mimi Fisher makes plans for the upcoming night of her 1 9th birthday 


Debbie Ljungdahl 

Xan Long 

Mara Manutou 

Dabney Mann 

Anne Maury 
Shannon McMullen 

Christy Miller 
Helen Miller 

Nancy Miller 

Kristin Morris 

Karen Mullican 

Nobuko Murayama 

Cathy Lee takes time to call a friend before "hitting the sacj- 


lale-Manning Robertson, why the serious look?" 

Dana Rawls 
Anne Raymer 
Augusta Rembert 
Anne Rice 

Missy Ritchie 
Dale-Manning Robertson 
Becky Rogers 

Shawn Rouse 



Susan Carter and Debbie 
Ljungdahl meet before going 
to Tuesday chapel. 

Polly Russler 
Stacey Safko 

Lea Schwartz 
Amy Scott 

Susan Seabury 

Stephanie Shannon 

Lindsay Shaw 

Patti Shreve 

Terni Shubert 

Margaret Sloan 

Barbie Smith 

Betsy Smith 

Robin Smith 

Susan Somers 

Ashley Speagle 

Annie Gray Sprunt 


Lisa Stathakis 
Susan Steele 
Annette Stephens 
Vyvian Stevens 

Ejtabeth Williams takes a long overdue break from studying. 

JUNIORS / 101 

Barbie Smith gives us a big grin to remember her t 

Jerri Toland 

Joy Underwood 

Debbie Walker 

Katherme Walton 

102 / JUNIORS 

Wooten Wanner 
Deanna Warren 
Jean Weeks 
Suzanne West 

Eegee White 
Elizabeth Willi: 

Stephanie Wood 
Emily Wright 

Virginia Yanborough 
Coco Young 

Tracy Young 
Elizabeth Zervos 

TOP: Misay Ritchie and 1 

Ashley Davis "clown 
around". ABOVE: Jerri To- ttfi: 
land gats her number for the 
"Fun Run". 

JUNIORS / 103 

BELOW: Sophomores watch 

the English plays closely, classes. BOTTOM: Nancy 
RIGHT: K. C. Pollard gets a Roycroft and Joanne Coman 
little exercise between share a happy time together. 



The Sophomores at St. 
Mary's College have many 
activities which distin- 
guish them from the 
freshman class. Being a 
sophomore means |oining 
such clubs as the Spid- 
ers, Undatettes, and the 
Beacon, and planning 
"Hell Week". Now that 
they are no longer "lowly" 
freshmen, it is the sopho- 
mores' privilege to initiate 
the freshmen into St. 
Mary's and to receive the 
respect they deserve. 

This teasing is all in fun, 
though, and actually 
brings the classes closer 
together by the year's 
end. The sophomores 
play a big role at St. 

TOP: Carter Manning, Cindy 
Smith, Nancy Roycroft, and 
Joanne Coman gather to 
catch up on the latest "Gener- 
al Hospital" news. LEFT: Car- 
ter Manning and Susan Avent 
sport their Blues Brothers 
shades. ABOVE: Copie Whe- 
less chooses to do her work in 
the comforts of Smedes. 


Amy Michele Agner 

Raleigh, N. C 

Nonie Livingston Aichner 

Orangeburg. S. C 

Pamela Temple Alkins 

Durham, N. C. 

Susan Renee Avent 

Lumbercon, N. C. 

Holly Ann Baker 

Coleram. N. C. 

Rebecca Barre Baker 

Greenwood. S. C 

Robin Kent Ballard 

Middlesboro, KY 

Anna Sherrod Barnes 
Wilson. N. SC. 

Sophomore Laura Underwood 


The Spiders Cake Angela White as a new member, 

Mary Billings Bannett 

Henderson, N. C 

Mary Elizabeth Beckwith 

Darlington, S. C, 

Melissa Noble Best 

Raleigh. N. C. 

Christiana Black 

Winterville. N. C. 

Susan Neale Bradley 

Raleigh. N. C. 

Annabelle Bringhurst 


Vail. CO. 

Kathryn Lea Brightwell 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Elizabeth Irvin Brown 
Raleigh. N. C. 



Chamblee Rebecca Bunch 

Windsor. N. C 

Catherine Vaughn Calhoun 

Montgomery, A. L 

Sarah Jane Campbell 

Jacksonville. N. C 

Many Eccles Cheatham 

Greenville, N. C 

Vingilia Leggett Church 

Henderson, N C 
Joanne Katherme Coman 

La Grange. IL 

Amanda Durant and Marty Worthy get all made up for the English p[V- 


lonperforming English students watch the play. 

Resa LeeAnne Crow 

Bennettsvilie, S. C. 

Many Presnell Crute 
Raleigh, N. C 

Christine Cumence 
Gastome. N. C 

Molly Hunt Cutler 

Durham, N. C. 

Elizabeth Barham Diednck 

Rocky Mount, N C. 

Amanda Taylor Durant 

Raleigh, N. C 

Carole Vincent Ferguson 

Emporia, VA 

Eleanor Sedberry Field 

Asheville. N. C. 

Melinda Sue Fink 

West End. N. C. 

Jill Constance Gadsden 

Winton, N. C. 


Jeane LeEtte Geer 

Lumberton, N. C. 

Marsha Elizabeth Hackney 

Washington. N. C. 

Candace Darlene Harris 

Littleton, N. C- 

Frances Eleanor Harper 

Lenoir, N C. 

Melissa Fitch Hayes 

Myrtle Beach, S. C. 

Charlotte Leslie Helms 

Conway, S C. 

Alice Scott Hemingway 
Tarboro, N. C. 

Shannon Evelyn Hines 
Johnson City, TN, 

Elizabeth Anne Hinton 
Raleigh. N. C. 

Kathenne Ann Hoopes 
Raleigh. N. C 

Rebecca Brooke Horniman 

Afton, VA. 

Susanna Ruth Hudson 

Greenville, N. C. 


Amanda Burton Hutchens 

High Point, N C 

TOP: Mary Hannah Wyman 
portrays a lamb in the English 
departmental play. ABOVE: 

Sue Bradley reads her lines 
to the audience. 

Amanda Elizabeth Johnson 

Raleigh. N C 

Laura Elizabeth Johnston 
Raleigh. N. C. 

Delia Deaton Jones 

Raleigh, N. C 


Charlotte Vaiden Kramer 

Raleigh. N. C. 

Susan Clifton Langston 

Myrtle Beach. S. C 
Melone Marie Madix 

Conway, S. C 

Anne Carter Manning 

Spartanburg, S. C. 

Michele Lynne Mancin 

Bradenton, FL 

Patricia Michelle Martin 
Pensacola. FL. 

Susan Aycock Martin 
Raleigh. N. C 

Ellen Lee McCallum 
Raleigh, N. C. 


Mimi Haithcox practices on the piano in Smedes Parlor, 

Norma Ruth McDuffie 
Raleigh. N. C. 

Martha Jane McNair 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Mary Kimbrough Mobley 

Atlanta, GA. 

Laura Jannette Moore 

Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Mary Lee Hanes Moore 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Heidi Porter Mort 

Huntington. W. VA. 

Sydney Herndon Newton 

Richmond. VA. 

Isabel Heinitsh Nichols 

Brevard, N. C. 


Kathleen Frances Noel 

Winston-Salem. N. C. 

Louise Gray Ogden 

Danville, VA. 

Elizabeth Lorraine Oates 

New Bern. N. C. 

Allison Martin Perry 
WilliamsCon. N C 

Amy Elizabeth Peterkin 

Fort Mocte. S. C. 

Kristen Sue Petersen 

Norfolk. VA. 

Katharine C. Pollard 

Virginia Beach, VA. 

Rebekah Kay Ring 
High Pome. N C 

Kathryn Lynn Ross 

Greenville. N. C. 

Nancy Harriet Roycroft 
Shallotte, N. C. 

Cindie Smith realizes the homework of a sophomore isn't 


zabeth Brawn and Carter Manning offer chair help to do some layouts for the yearbook. 

Ashley Ruth Safnt 
Salisbury. N. C 

Marinda Warren Sapp 

Durham, N. C 

Lola Elizabeth Saunders 

AclBnta. GA. 

Carol Ann Shellhorn 

Salisbury. N C 

Brandon Michelle Sinners 
Spartanburg. S C 

Elisabeth Gardner Sledge 
Car-y. N. C 


Cynthia Ann Smith 

Danville, VA. 

Joyce Fredanel Story 

Shelby. N. C. 

Rebecca Rose Thompson 

Fayetteville. N C- 

Sara Chandler Thorpe 

Rocky Mount. N. C. 

TOP: Melone Madix checks 
to see if she got: any mai 
ABOVE: Susan Martin and 

Lori Oates await their part in 
the English play. 


Suzanne Carol Thurlow 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Lee Anne Thurmond 

Hopkinsville. KY 

Jean Kane Trapp 

Davidson, N. C. 

Ruth Copeland Wheless 

Louisburg. N. C- 

Angela Carol White 

Florence. S. C 

Allison Reid Wilder 

Raleigh. N. C. 

Elizabeth Moore 

Florence, S. C 

Paige Elizabeth Wilson 

Smithfield, N C. 

Lindsey Anne Wmther 

Williamsburg, VA 

Marjone Hoyt Worthy 

Raleigh, N C 

Mary Hannah Wyman 

Raleigh. N. C. 

Ellen Lewis Zollicoffer 

Henderson. N. C. 


BELOW: Rebecca Pace 
shows off her dad during Par- 
ents' Weekend. RIGHT: Caro- 
line Dunbar makes a quick call 


The freshmam class, 
like many before it, par- 
ticipates in fundraisers 
to support the Fresh- 
man-Sophomore Dance 
they hold each yean. This 
yean, freshmen have 
gone from room to room 
in search of hungry peo- 
ple to support their can- 
dy bar and bake sales. 
Raffles are held and 
many new ideas are con- 
sidered. From these ear- 
ly money-making ideas 
until the time the band 

steps up on the platform, 
the freshmen work hard. 
They also work on their 
community project and 
other worthy endeavors. 
We hope this freshman 
class captures the best 
of the old, but is also 
unique with its people and 

TOP: Michele Marcin lets the 
freshmen in on her sopho- 
more secrets. LEFT: "Kiki 
Pullen, who ere you calling?" 
ABOVE: Two freshmen en- 
gage in "boy talk"! 


Kim Ackiss 

JoJo Allred 

Elizabeth Anderson 

Andrea Armstrong 

Robin Bailey 

Maria Barndt 

Lynne Bedini 

Alison Butler 

izabeth, Lynne, Michele, Jane, and Kiki really enjoy high school life at St. Mai|'s- 


BELOW: Deanna enjoys tak- 
ing a break in the snack room. 
BOTTOM: Martha Fairer 
takes time to snack and 

Bridget Butler 
Laurie Chase 

Jill Coats 
Shannon Coleman 

Tiffany Compton 
Lynn Cowell 

Janet Cozart 
Cathy Crew 

Melissa Dalla Pozza 
Elizabeth Dawkins 
Susan Demeritt 
Car-lie Draper 


Carlie Draper enjoys munching while 

Gretchen Dupree 
Kelley Edmondson 

Sally Ellis 
Martha Fairer 

Ann Fitzmaurice 
Mary Fordham 
Susan Gardner 
Susan Garland 

Sabra Kea Green 

Berkeley Grier 

Elizabeth Grine 

Kristi Hale 

Spencer Hall 

Anna Hardison 

Mariana Harriss 

Charlotte Hart 



Elizabeth, Kiki, Mary Mac, and a visiting friend give us a group she . 

Catherine Loflin 

Hillary Lyles 

Sally Maddison 

Marybeth Mann 


Kristin Marcin 

Michelle Mason 

Sidney McCain 

Sara McGuire 

Anita Mehta 
Jackie Midura 
Heather Miller 

June Moore 

Many King Newton 
Mary Mac Dgden 
Rebecca Pace 
Cathy Page 

Margaret Park 
Cathy Parker 
Melanie Pickard 
Debbie Plettner 

ABOVE: Leah decorates her 
chair with colorful graffiti. 
PIGHT: "Sydney, who are you 
talking to?" 


Kiki Pullen 

Knsten Roberts 

Leslie Robinson 

Deana Roebuck 

Deanna Rohde 

Jody Ro 

Elizabeth Sasseen 

Blair Scruggs 

Chris Wooden and Jo Jo Allred prefer to study in the hall for that big tea 


BELOW: Debbie Pletnum 
grabs e drink of water. BOT- 
TOM: Kiki and Elizabeth enjoy 
life as freshmen at St. 

Leah Stephenson 
Susan Stephenson 

Claudia Sullivan 
Shannon Taylor 

Kathenne Thompson 
Jane Lynn Townsend 

Lindy Turner 
Barbara Willenbnnk 

Melissa Williams 
Chnstman Wolverton 
Chris Wooden 
Leslie Woods 


TOP LEFT: Julie Brady takes 
practicing very seriously. 
TOP RIGHT: Heather Miller 
practices "teeing off". MID- 
OLE: Margaret Broadfoot 

guards an opposing player. 
ABOVE: Leslie Oodd prac- 
tices her new jazz steps. 
RIGHT: Lolly Saunders bowls 
a strike. 



TOP LEFT: Coach Alexander 
with team captain Hannah 
Holt. TOP RIGHT: Coach Alex- 
ander plans a strategic play. 
ABOVE: Coach Alexander 
with managers Susan 

130 / SPORTS 

TOP LEFT, Front: row: Susan 
Bomers, Margaret: Broad- 
cot, Allison Perry, Kim But- 
er, Karen Mullican; Second 
ow: Amanda Hutchins, Kris- 

ten Petersen, Anne Bailey; 
Third row: Nancy Harris, 
Cathy Lee; Fourth row: Han- 
nah Holt, Ms. Alexander, 
Nancy Roycroft; TOP RIGHT: 

Hannah Holt scores two 
points; ABOVE: Anne Bailey 
shows us her athletic tal- 

SPORTS / 131 



• . 



occer Team 

PIBHT, Front row: Suzanne 
Wast, Chris Wooden, Lee 
Thurmond; Second row: 
Lauren Bolvig, Katharine 
White, Jill Hooper; Third row: 
Alica Hemingway, Michele 
Marcin, Kathy Keel, Beth 

ABOVE, Front row: Mary 
Hannah Wyman, Marinda 
Sapp, Liasa Sledge, Pam 
Aikins, Maggi Jones, Blair 
Scruggs; Second row: Mrs. 
Susan Brown, Sandy Jack- ' 
son, Kathryn Ross, Susan 
Gardner, Katherine Thomp- 
son, Jerri Toland, Laura 
Richardson, Mr. Chris 





TOP LEFT: Helen Miller 
shows us her talented bowl- 
ing style. TOP RIGHT: Eliza- 
beth Williams concentrates 
hard on making a strike. 

LEFT: Lisa Leggett learns the 
skills of badminton. ABOVE: 
Sue Bradley enjoys taking 
badminton for the P. E. class. 

SPORTS / 133 

BOTTOM, Left: to Right: Bet- 
sy Niblock, Jackson Jordan, 
Francy Hillman, Joan Bailey. 
RIGHT: Noel Guri practices 

her stroke. BELOW: Joan 
Bailey prepares for an up- 
coming golf match. 

134 / SPORTS 

TOP, Left to Right: Genny 
Burt, Isabel Erwin, Meg 
Adams, Lynn Barton, Jean- 
nie Trueblood, Julia Brady, 
Elizabeth Sherrill. LEFT: 

Lynn Barton prepares to 
serve. ABOVE: Sally Allen 
enjoys her advanced tennis 

SPORTS / 135 

Allison Sprock 


Jessica Delbridge 


Bonnie Woods 


Dawn Bodenheimer 


Britt Vice 


Dean Jones 



Allyson Abbott 

Mandy Bass 

Deborah Elder 

Tay Yeargin 

Mimi McDaniel 

Dr. Steven Esthimer 





Jane Walker, President 

Landon McKinney 

Fariba Akbar 

Jeannie Trueblood 

Mandy Bass 

Catherine Davidson, Treasurer 

Perry Vann 

Dawn Bodenheimer 

Mary Slade Barton, Secretary 

Kim Butler 

Anne Gaddy 

Dr. Marcia Jones 

Mrs. Grace Rice 

Mrs. Angela Dillard 

Dr. Elgiva Watson 

Advisor — Mrs. Betty Adams 


The WATS are Walking . . . 
Get Lit;! Yeah! 



RIGHT, Left to right: Frances 
Fuller, Angela White, Mary 
Slade Barton, Hannah Holt, 
Angel Archer, Jsannie True- 
blood, Judy Douglas, Jean- 
Louise Beard. 




•JUDICIAL ABOVE, Front Row: Kather- 

ine Walton, Kristin Marcin, 

BOARD Nancy Roycroft, Marty 

Worthy; Second Row: Mary 

Slade Barton; Third Ro 
Hannah Holt, Gray Fagi 
Frances Fuller 





Front Row: Beth Morris, Vir- 
ginia White, Jeannie Trueb- 
lood; Second Row: Del 
Jones, Catherine Davidson, 
Leigh Latorre, Karen Grimes, 
Laurie Reilay; Third Row: Eliz- 
abeth Curtis, Jane Walker; 
Fourth Row: Katharine White, 
Mendy Bass; Fifth Row: 

Anne Morgan, Judith 
Newman; Sixth Row: Mary 
Carlisle McLeod, Elizabeth 
Ward, Tay Yeargin; Seventh 
Row: Allison Sprock, Landon 
McKinney, Theresa Lowe; 
Eighth Row: Louise Marlowe, 
Cynthia Gimesh, Sally 
James, Sarah Wannamaker; 

Ninth Row/: Jessica 
bridge, Ruth Taft, Brain 
Whitley, Tenth Row: Saffk 
Allen, Julia Walker; Eleven 
Row/: Mary Margaret Tar 
Perry Vann, Judy Dougle 
Angel Archer 



LEFT, Assembly Chairper- I BELOW, Fire Marshall: Gray 
son: Cynthia Girneeh I Fagan 



LEFT, Front row: Elizabeth I Second Row: Michele Moore, 
Williams, Jacquie Morris; | Ashley Safrit, Martha Fairer 



RIGHT, Front Row: Annie 
Gray Sprunt; Second Row/: 
Erlene Coleman, Anne Dun- 
can Bailey BELOW, Front: 

LEFT, Front; row: Rebecca 
Pace, Kiki Pullen; Second 
row: Elizabeth Grine; Third 
Row: Margaret Park, Sally 
Maddison, Kristin Marcin; 
Fourth row: Mary MacOg- 
den, Sebra Green ABOVE, 

Front Row: Holly Bakei 
Marty Worthy, Carole Fet 
guson; Second Row: Mane 
Roycroft, Robin Ballarc 
Susan Martin; Third Row 
Laura Underwood, Fredani 





LEFT, Front Row: Krister* 
Peterson, Elizabeth Brown; 
Second Row: Becky Rogers, 
Michele Marcin, Ellen McCal- 
lum, Holly Baker, Carol Fer- 
guson BELOW, Left to Right: 
Jacquie Morris, Ruth Toft, 
Angel Archer, Brady Whitley, 
Jeennie Trueblood, Christine 




RIGHT, Front Row: Cather- 
ine Davidson, Tay Yeargin, 
Britt Vice, Nancy Roycroft, 
Mary Eccles Cheatham, Jane 
Walker; Second Row: Annie 
Gray Sprunt, Michele Mar- 
cin, Susan Thomas, Karen 
Grimes, Cynthia Gimesh, Al 

son Sprock; BELOW: Front 
row: Carter Manning, Betsy 
Diedrick, Holly Baker; Sec- 
ond row: Cynthia Gimesh, 
Allison Sprock, Christiana 
Black, Amy Peterkin; Third 
row: Angel Archer, Britt 


RIGHT, Front Row: Frances 
Fuller; Second Row: Brady 
Whitley; Third Row: Britt 
Vice, Jane Walker, Angel 
Archer; Fourth Row: Jeannie 
Trueblood; Fifth Row: 
Catherine Davidson ABOVE, 
Front Row: Mary Eccles 

Cheatham, Caro Ealy, Holly 
Baker, Susan Avent, Rebec- 
ca Pace; Second Row: Jane 
Walker; Third Row: Amy 
Peterkin, Christiana Black, 
Carter Manning, Kimbrough 
Mobley, Betsy Oiedrick; 


LEFT: Kris ton Peterson en- 
joys participating in St. 
Mary's chapel services as a 
lay reader. BELOW: Kim- 
brough Mobley, Brady Whit- 
ley, Britt Vice, Layne Poole, 
Debbie Ljungdahl, Frances 
Fuller; BOTTOM LEFT, Front 
Row: Susan Langston, Kim- 
brough Mobley, Karen 
Grimes; Second Row: Carter 
Manning, Holly Baker, 
Frances Fuller, Oabney 

Mann, Mandy Bass; Third 
Row: Susan Avent, Betsy 
Diedrick, Katharine Ross, 
Robin Ballard, Angel Archer, 
Jeannie Trueblood; Fourth 
Row: Susan Carter, Debbie 
Ljungdahl; BOTTOM RIGHT: 
Front Row: Julia Walker, Tay 
Yeargin, Mary Carlisle 
McLeod, Louise Marlowe; 
Second Row: Elizabeth 


Cup Bearers 



RSGHT, Front Row: Jerri To- 
land, Pam Aikens, Cindie 
Smiths Second Rows Nancy 
Roycroft, Susan Thomas, 
Catherine Davidson; 
ABOVE, First Row: Jerri To- 

land, Kathryn Ross, Cindie 
Smith; Second Row: Pam 
Aikens, Julie Gray; Third 
row: Nancy Roycroft, Susan 
Thomas, Catherine David- 
son, Lynn Barton 




BELOW, Front row: Mr. 
Emmett Windham, Director; 
Second row: Xan Long, Leigh 
Reynolds, Cammie Redding, 
Mary Carlisle McCleod, 
Karen Grimes, Virginia 
White, Nonie Aichner, Susan 
Gunn, Liz Richardson, Barbie 
Smith, Anne Kuntz LEFT, 
Front row: Emily Wright, 
Catherine Davidson, Lynne 
Bedini, Rochele Eaddy, Anne 
Raymer, Nancy Keedwell, 
Anita Mehta; Second row: 
Mr. Emmett Windham, Direc- 
tor, Carole Ferguson, Annis 
Gill, Nonie Aichner, Susan 
Gunn, Molly Cutler, Ashley 


RIGHT, Front row: Gray 
Fagart, Elizabeth Johnson, 
Hannah Holt; Second Row: 
Frances Fuller, Ange 
Archer, Elizabeth Ward, 
Mary Leonard, Anne Kuntz, 
Cynthia Gimesh, Llewelyn 
Sherrod; Third Row: Julia 
Walker, Margaret Broad- 
foot, Brady Whitley, Dee Ed- 
wards, Sandra Ray, Parry 
Vann BOTTOM, Front Row: 
Frances Fuller; Second Row: 
Cynthia Gimesh; Third Row: 

Angel Archer; Fourth Row: 
Lou Harley, Britt Vice, San- 
dra Ray, Gray Fagan, Dawn 
Bodenheimer, Anne Geddy, 
Mandy Bess, Llewellyn Sher- 
rod; Fifth row: Jennifer 
Sprott, Karen Grimes; Sixth 
row: Sally James, Julia 
Walker; Seventh Row: Beth 
Morris, Perry Vann; Eighth 
Row: Louise Marlowe, Allison 
Sprock; Ninth Row: Caroline 
Nisbet, Kim Butler. 


LEFT, Front row: Mary 
Michael Kelly, Cynthia 
Gimeah, Mary Margaret 
Tart; Second row/: Ruth 
McCarty; Third row/: Ruth 
Taft, Sarah Wannamaker, 
Gray Fagan, Laurie Reiley, 
Betsy Willis, Commie Rod- 
ding, Virginia White ABOVE, 
Left to Right: Mary Michael 
Kelly, Laurie Reiley, Virginia 
White, Ruth McCarty, Sara 
Wannamaker, Cynthia 
Gimeah, Mary Margaret Tart 


ABOVE, Left: to Right: Ange- 
la Dickerson, Susan Lang- 
ston, Brady Whitley; RIGHT, 
Front Row: Constance 

Frost; Second Row: Becky 
Rogers, Dorothy G u g- 
genheimer, Catherine Loflin, 
Leslie Dodd 


Mime Troupe 



'" ■ ' : - : tzm 

■ -- 

TOP, Front row/: Chrissie 
Currence, Fredanel Story, 
Mary Eccles Cheatham, Mary 
Margaret Tart, Gray Fagan, 
Anne Hotchkiss, Dr. Coffey, 
Polly Pussier, Chandler 
Thorpe; Second row: Lea Mil- 
stead, Sally James, Cynthia 
Gimesh, Jackson Jordan, Sol- 
do n Gray; Third row/: Holly 
Baker; Fourth row: Angela 
White, Chamblee Burch, Kim 
Ackiss, Sabra Green, Jessi- 
ca Oelbridgo, Kristin Marcin, 

Clayton Henkel, Lindsay 
Co well, Elizabeth Zervos 
RIGHT, Front Row/: Ellen 
McCallum, Anne Gaddy, 
Michele Marcin; Second row/: 
Amanda Durant, Delia Jones 
Sydney New/ton; Third row/: 
Muzzy Crute, Mary Eccles 
Cheatham; Fourth row/: 
Angela White, Marty Worth- 
y; Fifth row/: Lee Moore 
ABOVE: The President of the 
Spiders gets painted up like 
all the rest of the Spiders. 


TOP LEFT, Front: Row: 

Isabell Nichols, Melissa 
Hayss; Second Row: Kim- 
brough Mobley, Carter Man- 
ning; Third Row: Laura 
Underwood, Eleanor Field; 
Fourth Row: Marinda Sapp, 
Rebecca Thompson TOP 
RIGHT: President Laura 
Underwood leads the Un- 
datettes' Walk. ABOVE: 
Kimbrough Mobley is equip- 
ped with costume and phone. 
LEFT, Front Row: Hannah 
Holt, Gray Fagan, Jerri To- 
lend, Mimi Fisher, Betsy Nib- 
lock; Second row: Nancy 
Harris, Margaret Broadfoot, 
Kim Butler, Anne Bailey, 
Kathy Keel 



RIGHT, Front Row: Marty 
Worthy, Laura Johnston, 
Pam Aikens, Mandy John- 
son, Fredanel Story; Second 
How: Suzannah Hudson, Nor- 
ma McCuffie, Robin Ballard 
ABOVE, Front Row: Kim- 
brough Moblay, Llewellyn 
Sherrod, Frances Fuller, Sal- 
ly James, Ruth Tart; Second 
Row: Anne Morgan, Virginia 
White, Elizabeth Wyman, 
Anne Gaddy, Elizabeth Foun- 
tain, Angel Archer, Fanny 
Peel, Caroline Nisbet, Suzan- 
ne Staton; Third Row: Eliza- 
beth Curtis, Tay Yeargin, 
Caro Ealy, Lindsay Cowel 






LEFT, Front row/: Marty 
Worthy, Kristin Marcin, Lee 
Hanes Moore; Second row: 
Jane Lynn Townsend, Ashley 
Safrit, Layne Poole, Lynne 
Bedini, Tracy Young, Lori 
Durden, Clarissa Wooden; 
Third Row: Suzannah Higby, 
Ellen McCallum, Carole Fer- 
guson Left to Right: Norma 
McDuffie, Laura Johnson, 
Susan Gardner, Anne Rice, 
Wooten Warner, Sally 
James, Patty Shreve, Fre- 
danel Story, Ashley Sasseen, 
Lynn Cowell, Ann Hoopes 


RIGHT: Front row: Tomoko 
Aaami, Maria Manautou, 
Naoko Kandawaki; Second 
Row/: Gheiko Shinoda, Nobu- 
ko Murayama, Fumie Misu 
BELOW RIGHT, Front Row: 
Lindeey Shaw/, Katie Candler, 
Stephanie Shannon; Second 
Row/: Elizabeth Grine, Harriet 
Little, Layne Poole, Barbie 
Smith) Third Row: Rebecca 

Pace; ABOVE LEFT, Front 
Row/: Caro Ealy; Second 
Row/: Holly Baker, Susan 
Avent; Third Row/: Kathryn 
Brightwell, Molly Graham, 
Elizabeth Beckwith, Carter 
Manning; RIGHT, Left to 
Right: Elizabeth Zervos, 
Maria Barndt, Susan Gard- 
ner, Elizabeth Brown, Sher- 
rod Barnes, Michelle Mason 


Kristin Marcin, Ellen 
McCallum; Third Row: Delia 
Jones, Frances Harper, 
Michele Marcin; LEFT, Front 
Row: Becky Rogers; Second 
Row: Ellen McCallum, Lori 
Durden, Angela White; BOT- 
TOM, Front Row: Christine 
Trask; Second Row: Angel 
Archer, Brady Whitley, Jac- 
quie Morris, Tomoko Asami 


RIGHT, Left to Right: 
Annabelle Brandeaux, □alia 
Jones, Becky Rogers. 
ABOVE, Front Row: Ann 
Fitzmeurice, Michele Mason, 
Amy Agner, Delia Jones, 

Maria Barndt; Second How: 
Clayton Henkel, Annabelle 
Brandeaux, Becky Rogers, 
Shannon Coleman, Catherine 
Loflin, Bath Morris, Susan 


LEFT: Allyson Abbott: and 
Susan Somers find that: fol- 
lowing the photographer 
around isn't as easy as it 
looks. BOTTOM, Front Row: 
Julie Gray, Molly Graham, 
Lisa Clayton, Elizabeth 
Brothers; Second Row: 
Susan Somers, Carter Man- 
ning, Elizabeth Brown, Amy 

Agner, Rebecca Pace, Kris- 
tin Marcin; Third Row: Ally- 
son Abbott, Betty Simpson, 
Robin Peterson, Katie Cand- 
ler, Maria Berndt, Elizabeth 
Curtis, Laurie Reilly, Stepha- 
nie Shannon BELOW, Doing 
layouts is one of the biggest 
parts of the editor's job. 


Abbott, Aiiyson Bath 
P.O Boh 1712 
RoKboro. NC 27573 
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13d Blackwell Drive 
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Ackiea, Kimberly Bryan 
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Adams, Margaret Henley 
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GreeneDoro. NC 274DB 
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Agnsr, Amy Michele 
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Joifa Street 

Tehran, Iran 
Allen, Sereh Orr 

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425-5 Egi-Mechi, Takasaki 

Gunma-Pref . Japan 


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Republic of Panama 

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(919) 923-221 1 

Cozert, Janet Ann 
1 D5 Cozart Road 
Wilson, NC 27893 
(919) 291 -2621 

Creaswell, Susan Mary 
Mimosa House. Wildernessi 
Sevenoaks Kent, England 


Crew. CBthryn EliZBbeth 
2805 Ambelside PI 
Cincinnati. OH 45208 
(513) 671-8147 

Crittenden. Kimberly Rae 
P. O Box 4B6 
Crescent City. FL 320 1 2 
(9D4) 467-21 OS 

Crow, Reaa Lesann 
70D Lakeshore Drive 
Bennettevilie, SC 29512 
(BOS) 473-775B 

Crute, Mery Presnel 
1714 Canterbl 

Releigh. NC 27608 
(91 9) 787-9429 


Cunningham. Catherine Gn 
1 1 O West Harris Street 
Sevannah, DA 314Q1 
(9121 232-7539 

Currence. Chnetine 
3709 Princeton Dr. 
Gestonia. NC 28052 
(704) 865-9929 

Curtis. Eiizebeth Dent 
1 B5 Devereeux Drive 
Athens. GA 3D6D6 
1404) 549-4569 

Cutler, Molly Hunt 
1DD3 gtallmgs Rd. 
Durham, ND 27703 

Delia Pozze. Melissa Lavmia 
3D6 Meianie Lane 
Cery, NC 2751 1 
(919) 467-7576 

Davidson, Catherine Cerson 
1 D6 Meadowbrook TerracB 
GreBnsbora. NC 27408 
(919) 275-3B7D 

Dbvib, Ashley DeVsult 
2119 Hopedale Ave 
Charlotte. NC 2B207 
(704) 372-7486 

Devis, Ksthryn Pettigrew 
Cypress Court, P.O Box 1278 
Georgetown. SC 2944D 
(8D3) 546-5604 

Dewkins, EliZBbeth A. 
1 329 Princess Anne Dr. 
Raleigh, NC 27607 
(919) 851 -4921 

Dewaon. Margaret Amy 
3940 Derby Drive 
Midlothian. VA 231 1 3 
(904) 272-8045 

Dewaon, Suzanna Lynn 
1619 Demene Dr 
St Petersburg, FL 33712 
(613) 666-1947 

Delbridge. Jessies Clara 
303 Minerva Drive 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 
(615) B90-19B5 

Demeritt, Susen Eiizebeth 
524 Loch Ness Lene 
Cery, NC 2751 1 
(919) 467-79DB 

deRosset. Anne Hood 
1 1 1 Harvey Street 
Raleigh, ND 27SOS 
(919) 833-3796 

Dickersan. Angele Morns 
21 B Spnngville Roed 
Derlmgton, SC 29532 
(B03) 333-4940 

Diednck, Eiizebeth Berharr 
301 Gravely Drive 
Rocky Mount, NC 278D1 
(919) 443-2801 

Dodd, Leslie Allison 
4D20 Hawthorne Road 
Rocky Mount. NC 27B01 
(919) 443-3424 

Douglas, Judy Lynn 
Rt 2. Box 309 
Aurora. NC 2760B 
(919) 322-5758 

Dowling. Sera McKinnon 
402 Brandywme Circle 
Atlenta. GA 3033B 
(404) 992-8166 

Draper. Carhe Cannon 
3715 Pomfret Lene 
Charlotte. NC 2821 1 
(704) 364-1 146 

Dunbar. Mary Caroline 
709 Morrison Lane 
Leunnburg, NC 28352 
(919) 276-0937 


Dupree, Grecchen Layne 
7000 Ebenezer Church Road 
Raleigh. NC 27B12 
(913) 7B7-7337 

Ourenc, Amanda Taylor 
30D1 Did Orchard Road 
Raleigh. NC 27607" 
(919J 782-3655 

Durden, Uorl Anne 
1316 Diahl Street 
Reieigh. NC 27BOB 
(9 13] 755-0650 

Eaddy. Rachels 
Rt. 1 . Bo* 243-A1 
Supply, NC 2B462 
(91 9) B42-2B7B 

Eaiy. Carp Davis 

50B South King Avenue 

Dunn, NC 88334 

(91 3J 332-5644 

Edmondson, Kelley Eugenia 
P.O. Bex 76B 
Lawrenceville, GA 30246 
(404) 963-6747 

Edmunds, Lucy Pride 
4412 Chicora Sc. 
Columbia. SC 29208 
(B03) 7B2-4691 

Edwards. Deirdre Mane 
1 244 Knee Circle 
Lynchburg, VA 245D3 
(8D4) 3B4-1333 

Elder-, Deborah Ann 
5525 Screwberry Dr. 
Charlotte. NC 262 1 1 
(704] 366-9344 

Ellington, Margaret Ann 
533 Chunne Cove Road 
Asheville. NC 2BBQ5 
I7D4] 253-6566 

Ellie, Sera Elizabeth 
1713 Rolling Hille Circle 
Charleston. WV 25314 
(3D4) 342-1783 

Ellis. Sera Hines 
1 D4 Lynhuret Lane 
Shelby, NC 26150 
(704) 437-7633 

Ellison, Chnstel Ann 
BOB Brookfield RoBd 
Reieigh. NC 27B03 
(919) B4B-D1 13 

Embrey. Lise Diane 
635 PantarBon 
Sen Antonio, TX 7B2D9 
(512] B24-6075 

Ervvin, Isabel Dunlap 
Route 5. Gacewood 
Greenwood. SC 29B46 
(BQ3) 223-78B3 

Etheridge. Marilyn Christine 
1713 Edgewood Dr. 
Elizebeth City, NC 273D3 
(313) 335-1732 

Evans, Karen Rogers 
3714 Harden Rd. 
Reieigh. NC 27BD7 
(919) 781-1 253 

Fegen. Dorothy Grey 
1517 West Ave. 
Richmond. VA 2322D 
(S04) 353-7B9D 

Fairer. Martha Appleton 
141 S. Ridgecrest Avenue 
Rucherfprdton. NC 281 39 
(704) 2B6-3727 

Feichcer. Martha Anne 
P.O. Box 1 B2 
Weynesville. NC 26786 
t704) 456-3581 

Ferguson, Anne McLellan 

24 Glen Way 

Cold Spring Harbor, NY 1 1 724 

(5163 271 -3446 

Ferguson, Carole Vincent 
Scar Rt. Box 61 A 
Empong, VA 23847 
(804) 634-5437 

Field. Eleanor Sedberry 
34 Buens Vista 
Ashev.lle. NC 2BBD3 
(704) 274-1 833 

Fink. MBlmde Sue 
Seven Lakes 
WeBt End, NC 27376 
(91 S) 673-OOSO 

Fisher, Maria Carole 
272 Windsor Drive 
Salisbury, NC 28144 
CS19) 392-0303 

Fitzmsurice. Ann MBne 
6901 Sleds Hill Rd 
RalBigh. NC 27BQ9 
(313) B7B-3378 

Fordham. Mary Elizabeth 
1 OB Madispn Street 
Plymouth, NC 279B2 
(919) 793-9942 

Fountain, Elizabeth Whitakar 
1BQ7 Canal Street 
Tarbora. NC 278B6 
(919) 823-6265 

Frost, Conetence Ann 
1 2208 Nyanza Rd . S. W. 
Tecome, WA 3B43S 
(20G) 5B2-4221 

Fuller. Frances Ruth 
500 1 6th Ave . NW 
Hickory, NC 26603 
(704) 327-2787 

Geddy. Anne Treyvuick 
205 Drummond Or 
Reieigh. NC 27B03 
(313) 732-1222 

Gadaden. Jill Constance 
P O Box 426 
Winton, NC 2733B 
1913) 353-4071 

Gardner, Susen Camilla Marie 
2543 Wake Drive 
RBleigh. NC 27608 
(919) 787-9295 

Gerey, Saiiie Elizabeth 
2210 Carlisle Road 
Greensboro, NC 27408 
(91 S) 274-0089 

Garland. Susen Bartow 
7203 19th Ave . NW 
6redenton, FL 33529 
(913) 732-8203 

Gattis, Susan Michele 
209 Ellwood Dr. 
Raleigh, NC 27BD3 
(919) 7B7-4705 

Geer, Jeane LeEtxe 
403 Oxford Rd. 
Lumber-con. NC 2B35B 
1919) 73B-3053 

Gibbs, Laura Thurman 

Gill, AnniB Hosetta 
P.O. Box 23 
Louieburg. NC 27549 
(919) 496-2636 

Gimesh. Cynthia Anne 
6404 Newcastle Rd. 
Feyettevilie, NC 28303 
(913) SB7-1582 

Goode. Anne Dudley 
431 1 Bellknep Road 
Cherlotte, NC 2321 1 
(704) 366-7459 

Goodman. Rschael Jane 
412 Burning Tree Circle 
High Pomg, NC 272GO 
(919) 869-2B55 

Goodwin. Martha Jane 
24 Brittany Woods 
Charleston, WV 25314 
(3D4) 346-5253 

Gourley. Martha Deems 
1 72 Huntley PI 
Cherlotte, NC 28207 
(704) 377-1774 

Gredy, Susan Ellen 
1521 Branch Street 
Wilson. NC 27693 
(913) 243-6635 

Graham. Mary Borden 
512 Emerywood Drive 
RBleigh, NC 27609 
(913) B47-B166 

Gray, Julia Marie 
943 Sendswood Drive 
Gescoma. NC 2SQ54 
(7D4) 334-2513 

Grey, Selden Taylor 
P O Box 350 
Antigua, West Indies 
(BOS) 462-2D61 

Green. Sabra Kee 
2201 Canal Driv B 
WilBOn, NC 2793 
(919) 237-4984 

Geir. MBrtien Berkeley 
4705 Kilbourne Rd. 
Columbia. SC 29204 
(BOS) 7B7-3592 

Griffin, Erin Miehoe 
1202 Wopdlend Ave 
Monroe. NC 2B1 10 
£704) 283-2905 

Grimes, Karen Lynn 
914 Crescent Drive 
Smithfield, NC 27577 
(919) 934-4435 

Grme, Elizebeth Lewis 
131 Ripley Rd. 
Wileon. NC 27B33 
(91 9) 291 -1664 

GroeBal, Kristin M, 
Rt 5, Brookdale Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27604 
(919) 266-1656 

Guggenheimer, Dorothy E 

416 Trente Ferry Rd. 
Lynchburg, VA 245D3 
(604) 384-2233 

Gulley, Margaret OeVore 
4306 Hollyndge Drive 
Reieigh. NC 27612 
(913) 767-OB24 

Gunn, Susan Hayes 
1 BOB Trowbridge Cove 
Atlanta, GA 3D33B 
(404) 394-043B 

Heckney. Marsha Elizabeth 
Rt 5 Box BO 
Washington. NC 27BB3 
(319) 94B-3D22 

Hagan, Jeen Forester 
31 O Hillwood Rd 
Richmond. VA 23226 
(B04) 2BB-91 78 

Heithcox. Cherlotte E 
P.O. Box 154 
Moncure, NC 27559 
(913) 3G3-9627 

Hale. Krieten Anne 
1 04 1 6 Aouth 1 37th East Ave 
Broken Arrow, OK 74012 
(9181 455-7167 

Hall. Sally Spencer 
534 Coiville Rd. 
Cherlotte, NC 2B2Q7 
C7D4) 334-0575 

Hancock, Catherine D 
470B Meccelf Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27612 
1319) 732-1346 

Hanks, Ashley Michell 
5 Eastwopd Rd 
Aahvilie, NC 2B303 
(7D4) 274-2449 

Hsrdison. Anne Katherme 
2BOi Lakeciew Drive 
Raleigh, NC 276D9 
(313) 7B2-5033 

Harley. Louibb Thomas 
1 722 Brooks Ave 
Raleigh, NC 27607 
(913) 782-9542 

Harper, Elizabeth Sloan 
Rt. 7 George King Rd. 
Durham. NC 277D7 
1919) 433-3783 

Harper, Frances Ellaenor 
207 Hibnton Ave , S.W. 
Lenoir, NC 28645 
(704) 75B-4345 

Hams. Candece Darlene 
Mynck Estate, Rt 3 Box 251 G 
Littleton. NC 2785Q 
(319) 5BG-54B3 

Harris. Nancy Adele 
109 Glenview (Mt. Ida) 
Marion, NC 26752 
(704) 652-4546 

Hernias, Mariana Mmton 

417 Lakeshore Lane 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 
(319) 929-3616 

Hart, Charlotte Preston 
626 Clud House Drive 
Salisbury, NC 28144 
(704) 633-9243 

HetcewBy, Margaret Law 
425 Drummond Drive 
Reieigh, NC 276D9 
(319) 791 -3643 

Hayes. Melissa Fitch 
1000 Shore Drive Rd. 1020 
Myrtle Beech, SC 29577 
(B03) 443-1531 

HBynes. Susen Cox 
1 205 Kershaw Drive 
Reieigh, NC 276D9 
(319) 732-2009 

HeBth, Wmdaor White 
2755 Rolling Hill Drive 
Monroe, NC 281 10 
(7D4) 2B3-2B04 

Helms. Charlotte Lealie 
317 Dogwood Drive 
Conway. SC 29526 
(803) 365-871 1 

Hemingway, Alice Scott 
1410 Captains Rd 
Tarboro, NC 27SSS 
(319) 623-1 128 

Henkel, Clayton Carlome 
20B 5 let Street 
Virgmie Beech, VA 23451 
(8D4) 42B7775 

Hicklm. Stephanie Noelte 
31 20 Berwick Rd. 

Burlington, NC 27215 
(313) 5B4-1 15D 

Higby, Suzannah Bentley 
Rt 6 Box 372 
Boone. NC 2B607 
(704) 264-4515 

Hill. Margaret Meriwether 
432 Drummond Drive 
Raleigh. NC 27603 
(919) 7B7-1D55 

Hillman, Frances Corallle 
45D Creacside Drive. SE 
Concord, NC 2BD25 
(704) 782-5673 

Hmes, Shannon Evelyn 
1113 Southwest Ave. 
Johneon City, TN 376D1 
(315) 92B-1623 

Hmcon, Elizabeth Ann 
1424 Cencarbury Rd 
Reieigh. NC 276DB 
(919) 782-5460 

Holdford. Barbara-Anne 
21 25 Ekmborough Rd. 
Rocky Mount, NC 27801 
(919) 443-77BB 

Holt, Hannah Lilly 
2509 Woodwond, Drive 
Fayecceville, NC 2B304 
(919) 323-5624 

Hooper, Jill Ames 
7 Woodcock Lene 
Ridgefieid, CT D6877 
(2Q3J 431-4386 

Hoopes. Katharine Ann 
227 Weat Drewry Lene 
Reieigh. NC 27BD8 
(919) 7B7-343G 

P.O Box 67 
Afcon. VA 22920 
(703) 456-6976 

Hotchkiss, Anne Scott 
1915 Perklend Drive 
Lynchburg, VA 2292D 
C703J 456-6976 

Howerd, Mens Delias 
216 York Rd 
Greenville. NC 27834 
(913) 756-4107 

Howe". Kmberiy Sue 
Rt. 5 Brookdale Rd 
Raleigh, NC 27B04 

Hudson. Susanna Ruth 
Rt 3 HomeplBce 
Greenville, NC 27B34 
(919) 756-7266 

Hucchens. Amanda Burton 
1315 Greenway Drive 
High Paint, NC 272G2 
(313) B32-B645 

Hutchene. Jeme Campell 
1 266 Weetmmecer Drive 
High Pome, NC 272BO 
(913) BB2-2126 

llling, Lon Key 
6B 1 3 Breezewood Rd, NC 276D7 
(319) 651 -45B3 

Jackson, Sandra Francei 
3741 Yorktown Placs 
Raleigh, NC 27609 
(919) 731 -0349 

Jame6, Sally Dernerest 
2625 Carmel Rd 
Charlotte. NC 232 1 1 
(702) 366-3233 

Hennette, Lewne Cerd 
304 Hoflar Ave. 
Windsor, NC 279B3 
(919) 734-2254 

Johnson. Amanda Elizabeth 
B704 Southampton Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27614 
(319) 847-1473 

Johnson, Claire Certer 
4003 Dogwood Drive 
Greensboro, NC 274 1Q 
(319) 239-5281 

Johnson. Jena Elizebeth 
101 1 Hervey Street 
Reieigh. NC 27608 
(913) 833-3354 

Johnson, Janet Leelie 
813 Lekaaide Drive 
Conway, SC 29526 
(803) 246-2689 

Johnston, Barbara Victor 
1 1 3 Oakwood Place 
Lynchburg, VA 245D3 
(BD4) 3B4-B619 

Johnston, Katharine Mereh 
2619 Beverwyck Rd 
Cherlotce, NC 2821 1 
(704) 336-51 40 

JohnBCon, Laure Elizevech 
3004 Sylvania Drive 
Raleigh. NC 276D7 
(919) 782-9452 

Jonee, Delia Deston 
21 20 White Oek Rd 
Raleigh. NC 276D8 
(319) 762-2143 

Jones, Margaret Anne 
290B Wycl.ff Rd 
Reieigh, NC 27607 
(319) 787-5635 

Jones, Ross Allen 
Rt. 3, Box 0-221 Fox Hollow 
Littleton. NC 27350 
(919) 536-5B14 

Jordan. Jackson Marie 
34 1 6 Winecead Rd. 
Rocky Mount. NC 27BD1 
(919) 443-2064 

Kadowake. Neako 
6-3-34 Teukimino. Yemeto-ehi 
Kanagewa-pref 242. Japan 
(0462) 75-1617 

Kearney, Mary Liea 
3500 Hundeigh Drive 
Raleigh. NC 27604 
(319) 872-OSG5 

Keedwell, Nancy HerreM 
404 South Main Screec 
Emporia, VA 23347 
(BD4) 634-31 13 

Keel, Ketherme Elizabeth 
203 Wacer Streec 
Edenton, NC 27332 
(313) 4B2-6725 

Kelly. Ellen Prescon 
2036 Ferncliff Rd 
Cherlotte. NC 2621 1 
(704) 364-3366 

Kelly. Mery Michael 
Greyetonee London Rd Sunning 
Berkeire. England S15-9RZ 

Kessner, Victoria Ann 
225D Six Branches Drive 
Roswel. GA 3007B 
(404) 982-57B6 

Killen, Crystal Elizabeth 
703 Chestnut Drive 
Smithfield, NC 27577 
(319) 934-2736 

Kim, Hyung-Sook 
74 1 7 Whernside Street 
Lorcon, VA 22079 
(703) 333-7251 

King. Anna Gordon 
Grey Hollow Rd. 
Norwelk. CT OSB51 
(203J 347-01S0 

crest Streec 
, NC 27B32 
(319) 792-213D 

Kramer, Charlocce Veiden 
BOO Lake Boone Trail 
Raleigh, NC 27607 
(313) 7B7-5341 

Kreienbaum. Rebecca Reme 1 
317 Jefferson 
Emporia, VA 23B47 
(BD4) 634-2683 

Kuntz, Anne Shipman 
B46 Runnymede Rd 
Deycon, OH 45419 
(513) 29B-2B41 


Lambeth. Anne Elizabeth 
3021 Quincemoor Rd. 
Durhem, NC27712 
(9191 3B3-72Bd 

Lengston. Susan Clifton 
413 Dunes Dnvea 
Myrtle Beach. SC 29577 
(8031 449- 7137 

LaBhlsy. Evelyn Claire 

1 lOS Westminster Drive 

Greensboro, NC 27410 

(9 191 299-3018 

Lassiter. Sudney Anne 
319 Augusta Drive 
Stateeviiie. NC 29677 
I70d) B73-4948 

LaTorre, Subbo Leigh 
Rt. 1D Bo- 5BB 
Hickory, NC 2BED1 
(704) 327-012B 

Lee. Mary Catherine 
1313 Griffith Rd 
Monroe, NC 281 ID 
(704) 2B3-4673 

Leggett, Lisa Marie 
1715 South Elm Street 
Greenville, NC 27834 
(919) 756-OB63 

Leonard, Mary Douglas 
4 Heethwood Circle 
Columbia, SC 23205 
(BD31 254-2757 

Lindley. Julio Anne 
1625 Kethwood Drive 
Columbia. SC 2920B 
(BD3) 73S-OBOO 

Lindeey. Cemilla Shannon 
1BD2 Brevard Piece 
Camden, SC 2902D 

caaa 432-2550 

Little, Harriet Bailey 
929 Mockaville Ave. 
Salisbury. NC 2H 1 44 
(7041 B37-2B21 

Ljungdehl, Deborah Ann 
561 4 Piping Rock Lane 
Houston. TX 7705B 
(713) 626-99B5 

Loflin, Anne Catherine 

3 Magnolia Crescent 

Hilton Head Island. SC 2992B 

(BOS) B71 -4078 

Long, Elizabeth Alexandrine 
Ancrum Rd. 
Camden. SC 29020 
(BOS) 432-8697 

Love. Elizabeth 
7105 Leveret Circle 
Raleigh. NC 27BCS 
(319) B4B-S2Q9 

Lowe, Theresa Martin 
P.O. Box 1387 
Evergreen, CO 80439 
(303) S74-B209 

Lowrey. Cheridan Miller 
3300 Mornmgside Drive 
Reieigh, NC 27S07 
1919) 791-7833 

Lylee. Hillary Masters 
201 5 North Broad Street 
Camden. SC 29020 
(BOS) 432-3923 

Lynch, Victoria Jean 
1602 Herdee Rd 
Kmeton. NC 2B501 
(9191 527-1231 

Ma. Marie Weizo 
203 Indian Creek Drive 
MechamcBburg, PA 1 7055 
(717) 761-6371 

Maddieon. Sally Purnngton 
1112 Hervey Street 
Raleigh. NC 27BDB 
(919) B32-B793 

Medix, Melons Maria 
P.O. Box 917 
Conway. SC 2352B 
(BOS) 237-2656 

Maneutou, Mane Antonie 
CBUe B B-B Bello Honzonte 
Guyama. PR ODB54 
(BOB! BS4-131 1 

MBnn, Martha Dabney 
2509 Glenwood Ave. 
Raleigh, NC 27BOB 
(913) 787-B137 

Mann, Mary Eiizebeth 
40 London Lena 
Mebene, NC 273Q2 
(919) 563-4661 


Mennmg, Anne Carter 
1 OB Juniper Court 
Spartanburg. SC 29302 
(B03) 573-3534 

Marcm. Kristin Leigh 
512 5 1st Street 
Bredenton, FL 33523 
(BIB) 747-B443 

Marcm, Michele Lynne 
512 51 at Street 
Bradenton, FL 33523 
(B13) 747-8443 

Marlowe. Louise Copelond 
6DO Eneryvuood Drive 
High Point, NC 27262 
(313) 885-4722 

Mertm. Patricia Michelle 
1900 Villifene Drive 
Pensecola. FL 325D3 
(3D4) 434-1 135 

Martin. Susan Aycock 
2107 Fairview Rd 
Raleigh, NC 27608 
(919) 832-0181 

Mason, Michelle Lynn 

1 4 1 OB Wyndfield Circle 
Raieigh, IMC 27614 
(319) B47-5735 

Matthews. LsurB Evelyn 
P.O. Box 6DS 
Pose Hill, NC 2B45B 
(919) 289-2231 

Maury, Cerleton Anne 
P.O Box N4631 
Nassau, Behsmss 
(BOS) 325-9752 

McCem. Sidney Anne 
lO Muirs Court 
Alexandria, VA 22314 
(7D31 54B-3B3B 

McCallum, Ellen Lee 
3141 ABhel Street 
Raleigh, NC27B12 
(3131 7B2-313B 

McCallurn. Lucia LeGrend 
3407 Heather-wood Rd 
Coiumbie, SC 23205 
(BOS) 256-6504 

McCsrty, Ruth Brewer 
3C5 Wildwood Trails 
Myrtle Beech. SC 23577 

(803) 449-8682 

McDaniel. Mary Shefto 
Rt 5 Box 31 7B 
Midlothian, Va 231 13 

(804) 734-5072 

McDonald. Pamela Leigh 

2 Gala Break Circle 
Savannah, GA 31 406 
(3121 354-6635 

McDuffia, Norma Ruth 
3405 Ooyle Rd. 
Raleigh, NC 27607 
(313) 7B2-5B5B 

McGuire, Sarah Kathenn 
451 O Holly Road 
Virginia Beech. VA 23451 
(B04) 42B-2B35 

McKmney. Elizabeth London 
204 Compton Rd 
Raleigh, NC 27BOS 
(913) 782-512D 

McLeod, Mary Carlisle 
51 2 Hempton Street 
Waltarboro. SC 234B8 
(B03) 543-2146 

McMullen, Shannon Pamela 
10B Avery Circle 
Cary. NC 2751 1 
(313) 467-B354 

McNair. Martha Jane 
2715 Loch Lane 
Charlotte, NC 2821 1 
(7D41 364-4232 

Mehta, Anita June 
4207 Union Street 
Reieigh. NC 27BD9 
(313) 762-4237 

Melton, Keren Ann 

1 670 2nd Street N W, 

Hickory, NC 2BBD 1 

Midure, Jacqurline Merle 
540 Archer Road 
Wineton-Selem, NC271CB 
(3131 76S-55B2 

Miller, Christene Elizabeth 
BOB Miller Street 
Wmston-Salem. NC27103 
(919) 725-3198 

Miller, Heether Pawn 

4240 Ironwood Circle Apt. 602-AA 

Bradenton, FL 33529 

(813) 778-6759 

Miller, Helen Winston 
2C6 Perk Ave 
Breverd. NC 2B712 
(7041 8B3-2996 

Miller, Molly Ann 
3B31 North Mam Street 
High Point. NC 272BO 
(919) B69-2357 

Miller. Nancy Crockett 
4DOB Brownstone Circle 
Raleigh, NC 27B09 
(919) 787-2519 

Miller, Suzanne HineB 
307 Tarrytown Drive 
Richmond. VA 23229 
(B04) 740-B137 

Miietead. Martha Lea 
S80 Lichfield Rd 
WinBton-Selem. NC27104 
(3131 76B-2492 

Mobley. Mery Kimbrough 
3481 Cochise Drive N.W 
Atlente, GA 30333 
I4041 435-B529 

Monroe, Jane Harrison 
404 Lyons Rd. 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 
(9191 942-3644 

Moore, June Elaine 
1 002 Crescent Drive 
Smithheld. NC 27577 
(919) 334-2357 

Moore. Laura Jannecte 
P.O Box 2054 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 
(919) 694-6616 

Moore, Mary Les Hanes 
1D4B Arbor Rd 
Winston-Selem. NC 27104 
(9191 723-9802 

Moore, Stephanie Michele 
1 5B Westover Dr 
Roxboro. NC 27573 
(919) 599-7144 

Mores, Anna Laigh 
3613 Golfview Drive 
Gastonis, NC 2BD52 
(704) 867-5405 

Morgan, Anne Hamilton 
1SB Edgecombe Rd 
Spartanburg, SC 23302 
(803) 573-1538 

Morns. Jacqueline Leigh 
2608 Elmhurst Drive 
Feyetteville, NC 2B3D4 
(91 9) 4B4-7761 

Morns, Kristin Ann 
2103 Buckingham Rd. 
Raleigh, NC 27SOB 
(313) 7B7-13BO 

Morns. Mary Elizabeth 
55 10 Mecklenburg Road 
Greensboro. NC 27407 
(313) 293-440B 

Mart, Heide Porter 

209 Whitaker Blvd. 

West Huntington. WV 25701 

(304) 525-22D7 

Mullican, Karen Leigh 
2S40 W Bngstock Road 
Midlothian. VA 231 1 3 
(B04) 734-BB39 

Mureyeme. Nobuko 
1 02 Uroko-machi. Kanazaws-ahi, 
iBhikawe-Prefecture 920, Japan 
(07621 21 -2532 

Murray, Sareh Cow/lea 
1 032 Carraty Road 
Sen Antonio. TX 7B209 
(512) 826-3617 

Newman, Nudith 
BB41 -D Tulley Square 
Winston-Selem, NC 
(313) 47B-5454 

Newman, Mery Liee 
Rt. 2 Box 2SO-A 
Spring Hope. NC 27B82 
(3133 478-5454 

Newton. Mary King 
P.O. Box 15 

Millers Creek, NC 2BS51 
(3131 667-6623 

Newton, Sidney Herndon 
4355 Shirley Rd 
Richmond, VA 23225 
(804) 272-7278 

Niblock, Came Elizabeth 
42D Burker.dge Ct 
Winston- Salem. NC 27 1 04 
(313) 765-4DB3 

Nichols, laebel Heimtah 
Rt 3 Box 1 55 
Brevard. NC 2B712 
(704) B53-2521 

Nisbet. Cerolme Welder 
Ven Wyck. SC 23744 
(BOB) 2B5-57D1 

Noble, Elizabeth Hunt 
Box 2302 

Salisbury. NC 28144 
(704) 637-0431 

Noell, Kathleen Francea 
760 N. Stratford Road 
Wmston-Salem, NC27104 
(3131 761-1321 

Noma, Kendal Virginia 
G304 Rainwater Rd 
Raleigh, NC 27603 
(313) B76-9S90 

Ogden, Louise Gray 
SUA Mam Street 
Danville, VA 2454 1 
(8D41 731 -4463 

Ogden. Mery McDonald 
944 Mam Street 
Danville. VA 34541 
(BD4) 731-4483 

Pace, Rebecca Heeeelina Lida 
23D2-A S Memorial Drive 
Greenville, NC 27B34 

Page. Catherine Cox 
101 Dunedin Ct 
Cary. NC 2751 1 
(313) 469-1362 

Perk, Margaret Maria 
2035 Wendover Rd. 
Charlotte. NC 2B21 1 
(313) 368-1352 

Parker, Cetherme Louise 
231 S Wilkinson Street 
Miiiedgeviiie, GA31D61 
(912) 452-1583 

Pervaca, Juothi Mia 
4115 CabblBBtone Place 
Durham, NC 27707 
(919) 4B3-1355 

Peel. Fanny Mennmg 
300 Woodlawn Drive P.O. Box 
Wilhemston, NC 27832 
(919) 792-3440 

Perry. Alliaon Martin 
Rt 3 Box 569 
WilliBmston. NC 27892 
(919) 792-1D46 

Peterkin, Amy Elizebeth 
Rt 1 Box 1 2 
Fort Motte, SC 29050 
(9D31 B74-1515 

Peterson, Knsten Sue 
51 1 Talbot Hall Rd 
Norfolk, VA 23505 
(B04) 423-5161 

Peterson. Mary Robmecte 
55 Brooks Drive 
Southern Pinae. NC 283B7 
(3131 632-5233 

Pickard, Mela. 
755 Niagara i 

ie Elizabeth 

, NC 283B7 

(3131 632-6647 

Plettner. Deborah Lynn 
51 04 Spnngwood Drive 
New Bern, NC 2B5BO 
(313) 633-0573 

Pollard, KethBrme C 
1 323 Lynn Cove Lane 
VirgmiB Beech, VA 23454 
(804) 481 -3054 

Poole. Medris Layne 
P.O. Box 1531 
BuieB Creek. NC 27506 
(313) 3SB-265B 

Pridgen, Ketherine Rochelle 
4 1 O Country Club Rd 
Jacksonville. NC 2B54D 
(919) 347-3261 

Pullen, Ketherine Chriethilf 
51 OB Fhnt Ridge Ct 
Raleigh, NC 27BQ9 
(9191 7B2-3431 

Radcliffe, Jennifer Lynn 

Rankin, Elizabeth Oliver 
36 1 3 Allegheny Drive 
Reieigh, NC 27603 
(3191 787-2347 

RawiB. DsnB Lynn 
3B26 Appleton Way 
Wilmington. NC 2B4D3 
(313) 731-3455 

Ray, Sandra Alice 
P O Box BBS 
Warsaw. NC 2B336 
(3131 233-4323 

Reymer. Anne Saunders 
330 Mitchell Ave- 
Stetesviiie, NC 2B677 
(7C4) B72-2232 

Redding. Cemille Ingram 
701 Weetmont Drive 
Asheboro, NC 27203 
(319) 623-3328 

Reiley, Laura L. 
120 Lakeview Drive 
Lenom. NC 28645 
C704) 75B-0535 

Rembert. Augusts Porchsr 
1 7 1 O Hollywood Drive 
Columbia. SC 2S2D5 
(B031 771 -4367 

Reynolds, Patricia Leigh 
201 W. 1 9th Street 
LumbBrton. NC 29359 
£919) 739-51 7D 

Rice, Anne Gernngton 
St Mary's College 
RBieigh. NC 2761 1 
(919) B21 -7457 

Richardson. Elizabeth Ann 
31 1 Cemelot Ct. 
Durham, NC 27705 

Ring, Rebakah Kay 
12B1 Westminster Drive 
High Pomt. NC 272BD 
(919) 882-3B59 

Ritchie, Miriam Efmd 
99 1D Huntcliff Trace 
Atlanta, GA 3D33B 
(404) 99B-1064 

Roberts, Kristin Adeir 
32 1 O Jennifer Lsne 
Ourham, NC 27705 
(313) 489-1753 

Robertson. Dele-Manning Starbuck 
2533 York Rd. 
Reieigh, NC 27BOS 
(913) 7B7-5307 

Robmson, Leslis Dean 
1 903 Brookhaven Road 
Wilmington, NC 2B403 
(313) 762-4273 

Roebuck. Redeana Rae 
24 Winder's Creek Drive 
Rocky Mount. NC 27B01 
(319) 443-121S 

Rogers, Pebecca Catherine 
2923 Wycliff Road 
RslBigh. NC 27B07 
(313) 787-0852 

Rohde, Deanna Kathleen 
317 Drewry Lane 
Raleigh, NC 27BOB 
(313) 7B1 -2607 

Ross, Jody Martial 
217 Churchill Drive 
Greenville, NC 27S34 
(313) 756-4207 

Roes. Kethryn Lynn 
217 Churchill Drive 
Greenville, NC 27834 
(3191 756-4207 

Rouse. Allison Shawn 
21D4 Dallas Drive 
Kinaton, NC 285D1 
(919) 522-1416 

Roycroft. Nancy Harriet 
P.O. Box 334 
Shallotte, NC 2B453 
(913) 754-6856 

RuBBler. Polly Downing 
33 1 B Lsndor Road 
Raleigh. NC 27609 
(313) 7B2-1B71 

Safko. Stacey Ann 
1 03 Pebblebrook Drive 
KnightdalB, NC 27545 
(913) 266-3B13 

Sefrit. Ashley Ruth 
1101 Emerald Street 
Salisbury. NC 28144 
(7D41 636-1738 

Sepp. MarmdB Warren 
B Kimberly Drive 
Durham. NC 27707 
19131 4B9-B697 

Baseen, Elizabeth Ashley 
G1 2 Wilkinson Drive 
Launnburg, (MC 28352 
(913) 276-4912 

Saunders, Lola Elizabeth 
3215 Laramie Drive 
Atlanta. GA 3D339 
(404) 432-23B5 

Schwartz, LaaAnn Huggms 
Rt. 2, Box 1 5 
Eestover, SC 29D44 
003) 353-B547 

Scott. Amelia Walton 
21 7 Velley Stream Road 
Stetesville, NC 2BB77 
(704) B72-3790 

Scoville. Gwendoly Ann 
1 SO WeBt Gate 
Rutherfordton. NC 28139 
(7041 2S7-7B1D 

Scruggs. Margaret Blair 
631 1 Turner Way 
Dallas. TX 75230 
1214) 233-5843 

Seabury, Susan Hall 
215 Valley Roed 
Peducah. KY 42DQ1 
CBOSl 443-5278 

Searcy. Robin Ashley 
3D4 Macon Place 
Raleigh. NC 27609 
(919) 7B1-279D 

Shannon, Stephanie Ann 
P O. Box T 

Sweet Briar. VA 24595 
(804I 946-5970 

Shaw. Elizedeth Lmdeay 
1BDS Granville Roed 
Greensboro, NC 2740B 
(919) 272-6200 

Shebem, Sefeie A. 
N-14-E-S King Village 
Raleigh, NC 276D7 
(9191 632-9709 

Shellborn, Cerol Ann 
130 Stretford PIbcb 
SBliBburg, NC 2B 1 44 
(704) 636-6993 

Shernll, Margaret Elizabeth 
3203 Deauville Piece 
Statesviiie, NC 2B677 
(704) B73-4S45 

Sherrod, Elizabeth Llewellyn 
Randolph Pmes 
Enfield, NC 27623 
(919) 445-3405 

Shreve, Petricie Beiley 
1 101 Knallwood Drive 
Wilson, NC 27B93 
(919) 243-6027 

Shubert, Tern Lynn 
113 King George Road 
Greenville, NC 27B34 
(913) 355-GSBO 

Simpson, Elizabeth Howell 
2306 Buckingham Road 
Durham. NC 277Q7 
(313) 4B9-9669 

Sinners. Brendan Michelle 
1 146 Edisto Drive 
Spartanburg, SC 233D2 
(SD3) 582-B265 

Sledge. Elisabeth Gardner 
416 Willowbrook Drive 
Cery. NC 2751 1 
(9131 4G7-3152 

SloBn, Margaret Wmdley H 
701 Short Dr, 
Washington. NC 27689 
(313) 946-2453 

Smith. Barbara Anne 
Rt 3, Box 3B8, Williemston 
WilliamBton, NC 27B32 
(3191 79B-B51 1 

Smith, Cynthie Ann 
115 Linden Drive 
Danville, VA 24541 
(604) 733-9037 

Smith. Phytlie Elizebath 
1 126 CsryBbrook Lane 
Cherlotte. NC2B210 
(7D4) 523-46B7 

Smith. Robyn Lynn 
BE 13 Wileon Lane 
Raleigh, NC 276D9 
(919) 7B7-768D 

Smith, Susan Robinson 
1 1 D Leeward Lane 
Roswell. GA 30076 
(404) 333-0650 

Somers, Susan Simpson 
425 Lake Shore Lane 
Chapel Hill. NC 27514 
C919) 942-5236 

Speagle. Virginia Aehley 
635 21st Avenue Drive, N. 
Hickory, NC 28601 
(704) 322-G312 

Sprock, Allison Elizabeth 
2206 Granville Road 
Greensboro, NC 274DB 
(919) 272-6277 

Sprotx. Jennifer Elaine 
3D1 Birdfield Roed 
Lexington, VA 245S5 

(703) 4G3-946B 

Sprunt, Annie Grey 
1909 Gillette Drive 

Wilmington, NC 2B403 

(919) 763-1591 

Stack, Elizabeth McNeill 
3B4 Andrews Roed 
Fayetteville, NC 2B301 
(919) 468-2640 

Stathakis. Libs Ann 
18D1 Shoreham Dnvs 
Cherlotte, NC 2B21 1 

(704) 386-2579 

Stston, Suzanne Elizabeth 
P.O. Box 1026 
Hillsborough. NC 27278 
(9191 732-2D2S 

Stasia, Susan Andrews 
341 2 Coleridge Drive 
Releigh, NC 276D3 
(919) 782-1269 

Stephens, Annette Marei 
925 Runnymede Roed 
Releigh. NC 27SQ7 
(919) 762-4421 

Stephenson. Karen Ehzebet 
312 Bay Drive 
Cery. NC 2751 1 

(818) 487-6067 

Stephenson, Leah Kethsrim 
Rt 2 Box 28 
SBlma, NC 27576 
(313) 965-2743 

Stephenson. Susen Carol 
5014 Shamrock Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27612 
(91 9) 787-1881 

Stevens. Vyvien Beth 
7BDD Hemlock Court 
Raleigh. NC 27609 
(919) 848-0385 

Stocks, Tib Michslle 
3S05 Canter Lene 
Releigh, NC 276D4 

(819) 872-6595 

Story, Joyce Fredsnel 
1 228 Brookwood Drive 
Shelby. NC 2B1 5D 
(704) 4B2-247D 

Sullivan, Cetherme Lynch 
33DB Landor Roed 
Raleigh. NC 27609 
(919) 787-0102 

Sullivan, Claudia Lea 
1 09 1 7 Cheucer Street 
New Orleans, LA 70127 
(504) 244-B2D1 

Sutton, Ketherme Mason 
6DB Prince Ave. 
Goldsboro, NC 27530 
(819) 735-3019 

P.O. Box 1BS 

Mt Gilead, NC 27306 

(313) 438-6791 

Teft. MbIissb Ruth 
30B Granville Drrve 
Greenvills, NC 27B34 
(319) 756-1 BOB 

Tart. Mary Margaret 
51 1 W Peersell Street 
Dunn, NC 28334 
(318) 892-29B1 

Teylor. Adehe Rives 
235 Country Club Dr 
Greenvilla, NC 27834 
(919) 756-2202 

Tsylor. Kate-Ruckar Penn 
506 Abmgton Place 
Goldsboro. NC 27530 
(913) 734-5334 

Teylor. Shannon Leigh 
21 O Edgewood Drive 
Louisburg. NC 27543 
(313) 486-2166 

El Bey, Rt. 1 . Box 2G7 
Hemphill, TX 75948 

(403) 787-3518 

Teta, Mary Margaret 
1QS Launis Street 
Pittsbora, NC 27312 
(919) 542-4755 

Thomas, Susan Page 
2D4 Quaansferry Rd 
Cery. NC 2751 1 
(9191 467-142B 

Thompson, Katharine Ives 
55BO Lake Island Drive 
Atlanta. GA 30327 

(404) 255-324 1 

Thompeon. Margaret Raid 
5 1 5 Colony Woods Dr 
Chspel Hill. NC 27514 
(313) 3B7-5287 

Thompson, Rebecca Rose 
2223 Westhsvsn Drive 
Fayetteville, NC 23303 
(8183 4B4-7D73 

Thomson, Leuris Overton 
705 Park Avenue 
Goldsboro, NC 27530 
1819) 735-2272 

Thornton, Carolyn Elizabeth 
200 Country Club Circle 
Clinton, NC 2B32B 
1313) 582-666C 

Thorpe, Sara Chandler 
1528 Weet Heven Blvd 
Rocky Mount, NC 27BD1 
(313) 377-3081 


Thurmond, Lee Anne 
P.O. Box 645 
Hopkinevills, KY 42240 
C502) BBB-5771 

Tplend. Jerri Shuford 

2361 Margaret Mitchell Court, 

Atlanta, GA 30327 
(404) 351-2277 

Toler. Ellen Elizebeth 
3601 Westridge Circle Drive 
Rocky Mount, NC 27801 
(919) 443-071 3 

Townsend, Jane Lynn 
1 77 Hillcrest Avenue S E 
Concord. NC 26025 
(7D4) 786-1863 

Trapp. Jean Kane 
Rt 1 . Box 530 
Davidson, NC 28036 
[7041 892-4368 

Tresk, Christine Dunn 
25 1B Booker Creek Rd 
Chepel Hill. NC 27514 
(819) 967-2383 

Trueblood. Jeen Mereh 
Riverside. Rt 5, Box 51 
Weshmgton, NC 27BB3 
(819) 946-6549 

Turner, Heidi McCoy 
6 Longstreet Rd 
Weldon, NC 27B9D 
(913) 536-44B3 

Turner. Lmde 
6 Longstreet Rd. 
Weldon, NC 27B90 
(919) 536-4483 

Underwood. Joy Ellen 
400 N Weterway Dr. 
Satellite Beach. FL 32837 

Underwood, Laura Rivera 
3408 Williamsborough Ct. 
Raleigh, NC 27609 
(919) 7B2-D204 

Venn, Ide Parry 
1 30 Bruce Drive 
Cery, NC 2751 1 
(313) 467-8099 

2500 Weke Dr 
Raleigh, NC 2760B 
(919) 781 -31 15 

Vinson. Martha Sarah 
10Q W. Seven Oaks Or 
Greenville. SC 29605 
C803) 242-1770 

Walker, Deborah Ann 
4724 Locksview Road 
Lynchburg, VA 24503 
(604) 364-5993 

Walker, Jena Burke 
P.O. Box 1 71 
Columbia, NC 27925 
(919) 796-2841 

Walker, Julia Rebeksh 
323 25th Ave , NW 
Hickory, NC 28601 
(704) 322-64 73 

Walton, Katharine Dupre 
225 Bennett Street 
Mt PlesBsnt, SC 29464 
(803) 8B4-3633 

Wannameker, SBrsh Boyd 
1 704 Lyttleton St, 
Csmden. SC 29020 
(BOB) 432-672B 

Ward, Elizabeth Ann 
1 04B Respees St 
Washington, NC 27BS9 
(919) 946-3244 

Warner, Carolyn Wooten 
832 Lakaahore Drive 
Goldsboro, NC 27530 
(919) 776-1346 

Warren, Amy Dnekell 
46D7 Bonnie Bree Court 
Richmond, VA 23234 
(B04) 275-5524 

Werren, Deanna Wallace 
231 3rd Ave . N W 
Hickory. NC 2B601 
(818] 328-3812 

Washburn, Louiss Boauist 
75DB, New Rend Roed 
Garner, NC 27523 

Washington, Michelle Cormr 
1 778 Johnson Ferry Rd 
Atlanta, GA 3031 9 
(404) 252-65Q9 

Weeks. Jean Hughes 
929 Pebblebrook Drive 
Releigh, NC 27609 
(313) B76-9649 

Welsh. Erin Cerroll 
650 S Meshta Drive 
Key Biecayna, FL 33148 
(305) 361-2335 

West, Suzanne Jayne 
1 4 1 O Trafalgar Drive 
High Point, NC 27260 
(919) 883-7997 

Wheless, Ruth Copelend 
P.O. Box 471 
Lou'Sburg, NC 27549 
(919) 436-4QBO 

White. Angels Carol 
345 W. Chevee St 
Florence, SC 2850 1 
(603) 669-4239 

White. Eegee Mas 
3BC5 Souchak Dr 
Hope Mills, NC 27834 
(919) 424-484 1 

White, Ketherme Stewart 
21 O Harmony St. 
Greenville, NC 27B34 
(919) 756-1093 

White. Virginia Adems 
103 Lord Ashley Drive 
Greenville. NC 27834 
(919) 758-1853 

Wh.teheed. Karen Andrea 
5304 Cypress Lane 
Releigh, NC 27609 
(8191 876-BB75 

Whitley, Brady Hednck 
816 Downtown Blvd 
Rslsigh, NC 27603 
(313) 782-6255 

Wilder. Allison Raid 
1 1 7D5 Dursnt Road 
Raleigh. NC 27614 
(81 9) 647-1 1 B3 

Willenbrink, Barbara Jeen 
605 Hudgins Ct. 
Virgime Beech. VA 23455 
(BD41 497-0700 

Wilhama. Delia Anna 
2D5 Fox Lake Dr 
Clinton, NC 28326 

Willieme, Elu 
616 Arlington St 
Chepel Hill, NC 27514 
1319) 942-4656 

Williams, Elizabeth Lee 
P.O. Box 162 
LeCroBse, VA 23350 
(B04) 757-7466 

Williams. Melissa Mary 
1 02 Linden Street 
Plymouth, NC 27962 
(313) 733-5B2B 

Williamson. Elizebeth Moore 
1025 Park Avenue 
Florence, SC 29501 
IBOB) 663-8771 

Willis, Elizebeth JBne 
2001 Sherwood Ave. 
Charlotte, NC 28207 
(704) 375-7233 

Wilson, ElizsbBth Drake 
B04 Tuckahoe Boulevard 
Richmond, VA 23226 
(BD4) 2BB-7353 

Wileon. Paige Elizabeth 
524 Rosewood Drive 
Smithfield, NC 27577 
(919) 934-36BO 

Winn, Frances Clason 
2B07 Averett Drive 
Columbus. GA 318Q6 
1404) 322-6409 

Winther, LindBey Anne 
22 Hampton Key 
Williamsburg, VA231B5 
(804) 220-2343 

Wolverton, Elizabeth Chnatman 
1 B1 1 Falls Church Road 
Raleigh. NC 276DS 
1919) 876-6312 

Wood, Stephenie Ann 
105 Treilmg Ivy Lene 
Severne Perk. MD 21 146 
ODD 544-42GO 

Wooden, Clarissa Cox 
213 Woodburn Roed 
Releigh, NC 27605 
(313) B33-4DD3 

Woods. Bonnie Bouche 
6526 Sharon H.lls Rd 
Chsrlotte. NC 2B210 
(704) 552-154D 

Woods. Leslie Ruth 
Rt. 2. Stoneycreek Rd 
ChapBl Hill, NC 27514 
(318) 732-7873 

Wprthy, Mariorie Hpyt 
3821 Alamance Dr 
Rslsigh, NC 27BD9 
(313) 7B7-24BO 

Wright, Miller 
537 S Hamilton Street 
Eden. NC 27286 
(313) 627-7253 

Wu, Mei-Jiun Mery 
1207 Hillsborough St. 
Rslsigh. NC 27603 

Wyman, Elizabath Tsdlock 
2531 Glenwood Ave 
Releigh, NC 276DB 
(9191 7B1 -6292 

Wymsn, Mary Hannah 
2531 Glenwood Ave 
Releigh. NC 27BDB 
1919) 781 -6292 

Yerborough, Virginia Calvert Lill 
2913 Skye Drive 
Feyetteville, NC 26303 
(919) 485-4977 

Yeergm, Martha Taylor 
1 505 Wellone Ave 
Dunn, NC 28334 
1919) 892-8317 

Yerkee, Martha Elizabeth 
4 1 30 McGirte Blvd 
Jecksonvills, FL32210 
I904) 3BB-1944 

Young, Corinne AneiB 
1 557 Henry Cley Avenue 
New Orleans. LA 701 18 
15D4) 697.2269 

Young. Tracy Brooke 

51 20 KnareBborough Rd 

Releigh. NC 27612 
(919) 787-6531 

Zervoa, Mary Elizabeth 
711 Shamrock Lane 
Charleston, SC 29412 
(B03J 78S-OOB1 

Zollicoffer. Ellen Lewie 
856 Meedow Lene 
Henderson. NC 27536 
(919) 438-5958 


^T MMBHI HOT OBIf 01 Ml *■ mTM gJMW — t y, 

M^V iMflB MBjMHflBMMM|jMH HMB /■■■ ■^^H jbml flSBK ■^■■b ■■■t iBItok ■■■ ^H^K ^^^m 
^■.j.WB W7ipBBwWWIWWiw» 3 •Th *»»• Tm ^m ^ T^^ T^ ^W ^W^W^^W lWWiwBiW P 

"47 ir •'• ■*'-**• 3«***p 

Tomorrow is a dream that leads us onward 

Tomorrow is a path we have yet to choose 

It's a chance we have yet to take 

A friend we have yet to make 

It's all the talent we have yet to use . . . 

Tomorrow is a dream that leads us onward 

Always just a step ahead of us, 

It's the joy we have yet to know, 

It's the love we have yet to show, 

For it's the people we have yet to be. 


^ n 

■ Winston-Salem 

• North Carolina 
Joe Allegood, Wilson, North Carolina 


■ : ,, 

. ■, ■ 







- - 



'V • ' . r i 



' ---■ 








i _ 



ir : 

■ ■- 







/ /" -. 



" i ■ - --- 

■■ - 



I \ ~! ,/ 


. - . 


J - i , 

- , . 

! ^ \ 


; - - 1 - 






... ^ ■ 









- . 


■1 ( - ■ - 

-_ - 

■ - 





























i " 



_ ' 
















T ■ - - - 



- : 



























' -.- 




hi 32k 



Stagecoach, 1981+ 

4- * /-> 















- ' . 


; ; 





'■■ ' ;., ; , ■ ,■■■:■■ : . ■ ■■ ■ 

■ :